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    Please, QUOTE THIS LIST and update it with your times. Then delete the [quote ] bits at the beginning of the end.


  • 6pt - 53:30 (G)
  • 6pt - 54:35 (F - 84")
  • Bouncy - 56:21 (G)


  • HÏnáta - 00:59:21 (G)
  • muleboy - 1:00:57

    <- Trispok of Regret award for inappropriate wheel choice
    <- the FixedCheese Babybel of Speed award for fastest fixed rider

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    Did London to Paris on the road avoiding traffic as much as possible but quick. The road from Dieppe to Paris is very simple and would be relatively easy to join up with the avenue verte for the final leg into central Paris. We did it on road bikes but would be well suited for fixed/single speed no major hills on the french side especially. Give me a shout if anyone is planning a similar trip and I can give you tips/a route.

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