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    A little update.

    I swapped the bottom bracket with a JIS (old one was jis low profile) and even if it's better than before, still gives me problems getting on big chainring. Now, the sealed bearings shimano BB i tried had the same axle (115mm) and it worked perfectly, there can be some little differences on the same axle lenght? some kind of offset maybe?

    I bought some cheap inox fenders (just to see how it would look) and after some work adapting them here and there, i ran them on the gravel. I don't like how they assemble on the eyelets and on the brake bridge, but they at least seems stable; i had to create a way to fix the rear one on the brake bridge and i now still need to "adapt the look" on the wheel profile, they actually are for 26" wheels.

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    @SupremeSausageChampion good to know, would be awesome to find them used, i'll keep looking for some lucky shot. Thanks for the compliment!

    Anything cheaper around? I'd like to avoid plastic.

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    Thank you @Lanterne_Rouge, they are really comfortable!


    Had a chance to try another bottom bracket, JIS 115mm and it's perfect! At least now i know what's the difference between jis and jis low profile.
    Guess i'm ordering a Shimano BB-1055!

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    @larsenroad yep, the frame is big for my size, you are absolutely right, as said in the first post i got lured from the look and then i decided to build it anyway.
    I have a smaller, less cool, frame to test, if things gets really uncomfortable! Thanks for the tips, it's apreciated, i'll sort it out!

    @MisterMikkel you are probably right, i'm going to test with something i have here or there in the spare parts chest, i'll let you know.

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    @MisterMikkel the crankset asks for a 115mm JIS square taper, i had that BB-7400 that is 113mm and i tought it just would be right for that 1mm on each side! BUT, i noticed too late that's a JIS low profile... anyway it mounted and it doesn't move, fine but this could be the cause of the problem, even if being "low profile" should mean that the crank goes a little bit closer to the bottom bracket, not outer like it looks now? I'm probably wrong.

    Chain line is now 47mm-ish~, tiagra front derailleur asks for 45mm.

    @Batt that's what i tought on the first place, anyway i'll try this new position aswell.

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    @larsenroad thank you for the tips, as said i'm not used to set up road bikes for use, so i had the handlebar in way because it felt more comfortable, but i understand that's not the way!

    I'm adding additional pictures, unfortunately i have a problem i need to fix with the bigger chainring and the front derailleur, you can see in the last pic at the maximum extension. I already have set up the outer adjustment bolt in any manner possible, that's why i'm blaming chainline/front derailleur, but i also understand i'm quite a rookie, so, any help is welcome!

    edit: the front brake cable is too short, shame on me, some time ago i shortened the cables with another handlebar for a test ride and the current Nitto, being bigger, had this result. Going to fix it as soon as possible.

    Weight: 10.60Kg

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    Ok, here it is the accomplishement!

    Honestly i had in mind something less "black" coloured, but this is it.
    I'm going to ride it a bit while i need to chose/fix:

    • fenders, i like Gilles Berthoud ones, but any help is apreciated

    • front derailleur can't push the chain onto large chainring:

    Looks like it's a chainline problem? phisically it can't reach the outer ring, i know tiagra has a max teeth "jump" of 20 and i'm over it, but it's not like it can't climb the chainring, but simply can't reach "it" that far outside; cables are thigh

    • I like the bikepacking style, i'm thinking of making my own frame bag.

    • Perhaps i need some very small DIY dimp on chainstays, feels like i have only 1mm real on each side. I need to sort out the force applied by the QR, because if i start on pedals, putting too much force, the rear wheels slide a bit to the left and it rubs.

    The brakes after being set works decently, at least better than the mechanical BB5 i had in the past on another bike. Ok, not hydraulics i'm used to ofcourse, but i'll say the last word after some km and descent, maybe loaded.

    Runs smooth and confy on gravel, 130km done at the moment and nothing exploded yet, better pictures soon, these are not very clear, sorry.

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    Hi there! I bought a nice kit on ebay, downtube stoppers with cables, bolts, a cable frame guide for the cables below the bottom braket (this frame had nothing brazed there) and some plastic guide/sleeves for the cables under the bar.

    Never seen these "sleeves" used, not sure if i'm gonna use them.

    I already own a Brooks Team Pro that will match the cables colour, i decided to go with Zipp CX handlebar tape, looks wonderful.

    Saddle: Previous paid 90€ shipped
    Kit: 13€ shipped
    Tape: 17€ shipped

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    I decided to go with STI levers, found a new 4700 Tiagra groupset, here the specs:

    STI 4703 triple
    Rear derailleur medium cage 4700
    Front derailleur triple 4703 (band on)
    Cassette HG500 10V (11-34)
    Chain Shimano Deore HG54 HG-X

    Not sure how it will perform, i was tempted to build a 1x10/1x11, but well...

    I'm not sure how this all together will perform, i'm not that expert with gear calculation, but as bad as it can go, i will change cassette/crankset?

    Groupset: 251.50 shipped