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    Tent sold too. Thread closed. Thanks both!

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    Understood. Cheers bud.

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    Hi @pjay will you post it to me up north? I want to get one for my lad for xmas. No rush just need it before xmas eve really :)

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    Appreciate the offer bud. If i just bid on some mics i'll let you know but if i got for some of the bigger stuff i'll have to factor in a journey down my self I think,

    All prices are plus 15% buyer premium and then VAT so no one go too high!

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    Thanks mate! I'll get in touch before i bid on anything. Looks like there is a time range to collect stuff by appointment.

    Virtual / Physical Viewing: Monday 16th (pm) & Tuesday 17th November
    2020 - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (latest covid-19 guidelines to be observed)

    Lots Located At: BBC Broadcasting House, Llantrisant Road, Llandaff,
    Cardiff, CF5 2YQ, Wales.

    Clearance (latest covid-19 guidelines to be observed): All 'Non
    Delayed' lots must be removed between TUESDAY 24th NOVEMBER & FRIDAY
    11th DECEMBER 2020 (12.00noon). Due to the nature of the site, lots
    must be removed by prior appointment only (at least 48 hours notice -
    Tel: 01778 590111). Dates for clearance are Weekdays only (Excluding
    Bank Holidays). Times for clearance are 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to
    Thursday and 9.30am to 12.00Noon Friday. Please Note: Where relevant
    risk assessments, method statements, removal plans, timing details,
    etc. must be supplied to the Auctioneers for their approval prior to
    any work commencing on site. Where removal of equipment involves
    structural work "making good" will be the purchasers responsibility
    (BTMG). Please Note: Certain machines may have to be removed by
    approved contractors only. Loading: All Lots are deemed to be
    purchased 'where they are situated' and in 'the condition as viewed'.
    All Preparation / Dismantling / Slinging / Lifting / Transportation
    etc. of the equipment is the exclusive responsibility of the
    purchaser. Personnel / Equipment: All personnel intending to operate
    lifting / moving equipment on site must first produce to the Peaker
    Pattinson supervisor - current UK operating licenses - current UK
    equipment certificates and proof of all relevant UK insurances. They
    will be expected to work to The Vendors, Peaker Pattinson
    (Auctioneers) Ltd and current Health & safety regulations and may be
    ordered off the site at any time for breach of these regulations.

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    There's even some bikes in there!

    Don't suppose anyone is local and could go and collect some bit for me? for cash obvs. Looking at some outboard gear and mics.

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    Images - https://photos.app.goo.gl/qH1hSZXuWKXiXD­KWA

    Mac Mini late 2012 - 2.5 GHz i5, 16gb ram, 500gb HD’s, 1.5gb intel hd graphics 4000, keyboard and mouse - Selling after upgrade. Still very capable but I need thunderbolt 3. SOLD AND POSTED

    Robens Trapper Chief Tent - £600 posted Ono it’s this one https://www.campingworld.co.uk/Mobile/en­/Robens-Trapper-Chief-Tipi-Tent-2020/m-m­-25843.aspx
    Bought when the north Wales wind ripped my bell tent at the seams. It turned out the repair to my tent was quite affordable then we never went anywhere again! Still brand new in box. Will add pictures of box. Postage will be a lot but I’ll cover it if you cover pp fees?

    If this is too OT just say and I’ll bugger off.


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    Sorry dudes, I missed the notification. Feel free to collect locally. Thanks!