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Member of Edinburgh R.C., I help run our Go-Ride section and Meadowbank Velodrome.

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    The closure of the Meadowbank Velodrome appears to be as widely reported as it is wrong. Edinburgh RC have been running the velodrome for two years. People visiting Edinburgh over the summer are welcome to come and ride the track. It could be a welcome break from the festival.

    If you wish to make a booking please use the form at

    The club runs a range of taster and improvers sessions coached by BC accredited coaches, as well as rider led drop ins (BC membership and accreditation is required). For further details look at http://www.facebook.com/erctrack or check the on-line calendar.

    If you have request for a group or special booking then contact us by filling in the form on the above web page or by Facebook message.

    Yes, the velodrome will be closing, but not just yet, and no, there is no roof . . . .
    Hope to see you soon.