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    As per title, I have just managed to repair a long since thought broken rear 6800 shifter, the matching front I gave away a few years ago which is ironic as now I need one to marry up the set again.

    So anyway if you have a working left hand "front" 6800 shifter, based North East London but obviously could work with other locations, PM if you think you could help.


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    I actually had a detailed thread sorted but I cannot get pictures to show up?..

    Long and short is I have some basically NOS 10 speed Centaur shifters from what I believe was the Limited edition "Century" range, dark blueish grey levers and shifter.

    The right shifter has a issue in that it will not select smoothly, they have been in storage for years and I have just put my hands back on them and think it is time I got them working.

    It seems prior to them being sold to me the shop had harvested a few washers without informing me of this fact.

    I believe the parts I need can be seen on this page from the US.


    I seem to be missing parts 28 and 29... Apart from that the internals are as new and it is the only thing I can imagine causing any issues?.

    I know there is a wealth of knowledge on here and a picture says a thousands words and will post them if I can get them to load.

    So currently looking for a source for these washers and my knowledge of all things Campagnolo is about minus 42....


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    Honestly that about sums up what you come up against when you point out these issues..

    I know of a few fairly obvious and straight forward issues that have been pointed out to Essex with previous issues and nothing was done.

    I have been using the section from Robin Hood-Towards Woodford recently and I have seen riders are now riding in the main carriageway where car and lorry tyres have smoothed the surface some what towards the nearside. For me this was the issues that I would of expected to have been sorted with this current resurface in making the cycle lane safe and efficient.

    The time before last they had left a ridge within the cycle lane right where you needed to place yourself to give a safe distance from the curb, this in turn pushed riders into the main carriageway which caused conflict with other road users.

    Currently we have the same issue again with a sub standard surface.

    I would love to hear why they could not use Tarmac as they have with Avey lane (Hang man hill road), esp as they have resurfaced the same stretch a number of times within a few years.

    It has to be one of the busiest roads for cyclist in the area as most will use it to and from the lanes that run out to the sticks. I just hope that someone does not get hurt riding along there esp Woodford end where the surface is already broken up and stones are being flung up. This is not a slow road either..


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    Thanks for that,

    Indeed I was planning to climb then come down to a far lower altitude. This is a bit of shake down test TBH, I have plans for a far bigger trip and thankfully having checked the weather it seems to be bright sunshine 20 degrees for 7 days so hopefully I can iron out a few setup options.

    Google maps seems to be pants for this region, I am currently looking at Strava heat maps and then plotting route onto RWGPS..