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    Oops, sorry been run ragged with work and not checked the forum.

    I've run 33's with no problem, could probably push to 38's depending on the actual profile etc.

    Going to stick this on evil bay this evening.

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    Time to part with my beloved Fugio Frameset;


    • 2014 frame and fork in pretty ace condition, some paint chips as you'd expect but no dings or dents. I've always stored it in a warm room, loved and cared for it.
    • New BX headset
    • Can come with TRP spyres and CX70 front mech for a little more cash.

    Hit me up if you'd like any more photos.

    £350 including insured delivery within the UK.

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    Up for grabs is the wheelset I ran on my fugio;


    • CK ISO hubs 32/32 set up for 9mm QR and 11spd MTB or 10sp road (easily converted). Great condition, bearings lovely.
    • Stans Iron Cross rims. A couple of small marks but overall in good condition.
    • DT/Sapim spokes (haven't got the wheels with me to confirm which) with brass nipples.

    A lovely wheelset, but I need the cash more than I need them. Have loads more photos if you wanna see them.

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    A bit of a Q&A;

    @SWijland I bought a 4" roll of 3M 8671 on eBay, it was old stock so was much cheaper than it should have been but the first few layers were a bit wrinkled from storage. As for application, it's quite easy if you wet the sheets and your fingers first with a very weak baby shampoo solution, this way you can slide it into position before carefully squeegeeing it down;


    It does take ages though, I made templates from masking tape having worked out where I wanted the sheets etc. to meet, transferred them to the roll and carefully chopped them out. It takes ages but, I think it's worth it to protect your new investment.

    @hippy I was damn lucky. I had some nerve troubles in my right leg which ended up being a result of not having much protective fat on my legs and a tendency to bash them. However, as part of the whole process I had an MRI of both knees to see if there were any obvious issues that could be causing the foot-drop / numbness. There weren't but, it did reveal the tumour in my left femur, at the time, the opinion was that it was unlikely to grow but it would be monitored yearly to be safe.

    Fast forward to August last year and I was told by the consultant that it had grown by about 25% and needed to come out asap to avoid further damage and reduce the risk of it metastasising.

    A question for the forum;

    I want to invest in a tool roll/saddlebag for carrying the necessaries and a bar or frame bag for carrying food/jackets etc on longer rides. Any recommendations?

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    Sorry been a bit sidetracked with other less interesting stuff, a bit of an update;


    I had planned to use a braze on front mech with a band-on adaptor as I already had them in stock but found the stabilising screw wouldn't make contact so in the end opted for a band-on R8000. With that delivered I finished the build and took it for it's first spin;


    First impressions, it's excellent. The slightly more relaxed geo makes it hella fast when you point it downhill and whilst it doesn't climb as well as your weight weenie carbon princess it isn't sluggish on the climbs. As pictured it sits around the 9.5kg mark which I'm pretty happy with considering it's the biggest size!!

    Unfortunately, leaky shifters meant I'd have to wait a while for the next ride;

    It's not overly clear in the photo but, there's a weep from the reservoir around the bottom fixing bolt on both shifters - weird. I cleaned it all up with brake cleaner but, it reappeared after a short ride so off they came for a warranty job. Usually I'd strip them, re-seal and forget about it but, as they're in warranty it isn't worth the hassle.


    I've managed to source some secondhand bits for the Solaris from my old place of work so it'll be running the following;

    • DVO diamond forks down specced to 130mm.
    • Sram eagle 1x12 (I'd prefer Shimano but I'm tight and this will be more than sufficient short term).
    • KS dropper post
    • A new set of Deore or SLX brakes.
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    any chance you could PM some photos of the shifter/brake set please?