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    Thanks for sending over. I have decided to go ahead with the Dolan TC1 as there was a 10% sale during Xmas.

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    Thanks for that! I need to find someone with fb to help me now. I will bother my techy mates! thanks again

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    Can you send me more details? I am looking for a Large (57-58 cm frame)

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    Yes i have seen this as well but I have made up my mind that carbon is not the way forwards for me

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    Finally I got a hook in Herne Hill which means I can now buy a track bike that is going to live solely there.

    My budget is around £900 for a complete aluminum bike.

    The only brand that offers options for heavy customisation is Dolan, hence I am thinking to go forward with the Dolan TC1 with the Sugino SG75 for crank set (165mm) and Miche Pistard.

    Is there any other brand that I should consider ?

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    Thanks so much to all who contributed on my question.
    I will overcome my anxiety and go over in the next couple of days and have a friendly chat with the guys to express my concerns.
    Again, my intention is not to do any harm to my local repair shop.

    I agree that I could probably do this maintenance on my own, however space is very very limited. Maybe someday when I will have a garden I will start maintaining my bike entirely myself.

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    Hi to all,

    Yesterday I got my bike back from my local shop.( At this point I wouldn't like to name them as I may have different expectations and be considered too needy/picky.)

    I left my bike (fixed gear) on Saturday 14 July and I was told that they are going to fix it on the day. I needed a new chain and a rear sprocket -which they claimed they had readily available. An hour before the shop closed, they called me apologising that they do not have the sprocket and they have to order one. (That is completely understandable). They said they are going to order it on Monday and the next day my bike would be ready. So far so good.

    I received a text on Friday morning that the bike is finally ready. So it took them about a week to change a chain and a sprocket on a fixed gear. Btw, they complained about limited storage space when I told them that I may not be able to pick the bike during the coming week.

    I collected my bike on Monday 23 July as I couldn't go earlier and it was visibly dirtier that I handed over to them. My frame and seat post had plenty of chain grease and they did not even remove the cable tie where they place the work order. As well, they did not even bothered to check the tire pressure prior giving the bike back to me.

    So my question is: Am I really picky? Is this something that I should anticipate from every bike repair shop?

    I always want to help the small independent shops whenever I can but I am wondering whether this is going to be the level of service that I would receive from Evans or any other big bike retailer.
    Any comments/thoughts?

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    Weight is not an issue, as I want the cab primarily for home use. Thanks for your note.
    @BleakReference I am not that interested in Blackstar cabs at the moment. thanks for your reply though