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Born in Lewisham
Then Lived in Surrey
Then Lambeth
Then White City
Then Stokey
Then NYC
Now full circle to SE in Bermondsey

Design Strategist at Gensler

Post recent bike theft I am fixed-less

In case you are wondering c.b stands for cunty bollocks it was the only name left...

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    @6pt just seeing this now. By Jan I would hope to be there. Hopefully my legs haven't gone to total shit by that time.

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    Guy in a full face of riding a cinelli mash. Me on a boris asking about your base bars.

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    Let's see if the flames come but I would think here:

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    I get what you are saying ... but I don't think that belongs here...

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    Thanks @6pt and @T-V not sure I am in the same shape as I was when I left. NYC took its weighty, fatty, boozy toll.

    Also recent bike theft has left me fixed-less and my only other bike right now is a Merckx Corsa Extra upon which the rear wheel slips if I put too much power down - fine for long rides terrible in the city and in the park.

    I am in the process of obtaining a new fixed park racer (see here) but it will be a little bit until it is all together. Glad to know there is something of a crew still getting together.

    Might join the Thursday night rides as well.

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    For those of who ever rode with me in my forum hay-day (2011 mainly) you will know I rode a dark green lee cooper with pursuit bars (see attached). I moved to NYC and spent 4 years bashing it around that city instead. The very night before I was due to ship it with the rest of my stuff back to the UK (where I now live again) it was stolen from my locked garage. Now I am fixed-less. The silver lining here is insurance money and therefore a new project.

    I have ridden steel for a long time and feel it is time for a change. So here is what I am thinking... may the critique begin.

    F+F: Look AL 464
    Wheels: Silver Low Flange Phil Wood laced to DT Swiss 511 (DB version on rear)
    Crank: Dura Ace
    Stem: Zipp Sprint
    Bar: Profile Pro Svet V (w/ interchangeable track bar)
    Seat Post: Fizik Carbon Jobby (RL 0 or something)
    Saddle: Fizik Arione
    Front Brake: Dura Ace
    Lever: TRP RL970
    Pedals: Look

    The rest is dull or generic/don't care about opinions

    Key Questions:
    Will silver hubs and cranks look stupid with black stem and seatpost?
    Are massive over-size sprint stems for wankers?

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    Right. I am back in the UK after 4 years of NYs shitty cycle culture. Is this Thursday evening shit-show still going on?