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    Hello hive mind, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for free or cheap bike maintenance/basic mechanic lessons in and around South London? I want to broaden my knowledge so I can be a bit more self sufficient and not rely on bike shops fixing things for me! Anyone had any good experiences?


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    Doesn’t seem like the Fun Bar 3 is in stock anywhere. Has anyone come across anything similar possibly even cheaper…?

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    Lovely frames. As I’m hoping to have something that doesn’t stick out to thieves I was thinking a used frame would probably be best…

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    Wow. These are all amazing suggestions. I think the Cinelli is definitely out of budget unfortunately. In my mind I was thinking of something along the lines of an old tourer frame potentially or something similar I could pick up on eBay. Then modding that up with the handle bars etc. If anyone has any suggestions on something along those lines would be a real help!

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    I need help. About exactly a year ago (before this this little pandemic thing), I was leaving my office and happened to notice a colleague at works bike hung up in the bike park. Instantly, I fell in love. (See attached crude photos snapped whilst no one was looking). I knew instantly I wanted to have my own version of this bike. However, after pretty much a year of research I’ve now realised that the bike, a Cinelli Mash work, is pretty hard to come by, slightly unaffordable for me and also probably likely to be nicked living where I live.

    So after much consideration I think best course of action is to try and recreate this bike at a more affordable price point and one that I wouldn’t be worried about getting stolen.

    I want something that has the same rough dimensions as the Cinelli, so straight top tube etc but I will also want to fit it with a similar handle bar to the Simwork Fun Bar to get a more relaxed upright position. Similarly will want a front rack too. And possibly might want to have gears fitted somewhere down the line.

    I was thinking about getting a Dolan FXE but it seems like the frame geometry wouldn’t give me the nice upright position with the bars I want. So I’m looking for any frame suggestions and handle bars that could work for what I’m going for.

    Any help on how to achieve my dream of recreating the bike of my dreams would be much appreciated!!


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    Looking for a Dolan FXE. Around the London area but can sort courier if needed…

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