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    Very nice cages but...£!?

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    Frame nearly finished

    New colour scheme

    Need bottle cages. Metal or more modern plastic/crabon?

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    I don’t believe in long stems in the sense that I think that they should be proportional to frame size and not a compensation device. (I’m sure someone can tell me why I’m wrong)

    As for why grey?
    I saw a few olive drab/green frames and they looked ok and then more and more popped up and then the new All City macho man and I began to cool on the idea.

    Then I got a CK Rasta headset a couple of weeks back on the cheap and so obviously the whole colour design had to change to a more grey-green

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    Yeah I was building to that bit!
    You trash my dreams and then my narrative ;)

    So here’s the luck, the fortuitous outcome
    The serendipity

    I share the geometry with Mr Yeti and he points out the length of top tube required for me is more than the victoire could have given me.
    I’d had trouble before with a “medium” frame. So the Victoire was not for me

    I have pretty much forgotten the Victoire apart from the Yetidamo no handed bunny-hops.

    I’m over it dude

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    The initial build plan looks like this:

    The green will become grey and the logo smaller and in a more conventional position

    Flat mounts for future proof

    Columbus Zona

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    By Text plan A fell through. I looked across the soft play area at my kids bouncing on trampolines and drank some frankly acrid coffee . Gutted I wanted that frame.
    I’d reserved a fund for the bike, but that bike in question was no longer an option. No frame but money to burn...not a big pile mind.

    I have always wanted a custom steel frame and maybe plan B was to cut to the chase, stop equivocating grab the nettle, splice the mainbrace, publish and be damned, shit or get off the pot, feed the pony, put the cat out, just buy a custom frame.

    After a mildly amusing diversion with http://www.lucas-cycles.cz
    Who would have probably made me a lovely bike, timescales leading to importing right on Brexit spooked me, I went local....


    Tom lives nearby and rides the same roads I do, I could ride to his shop speak in person, and arrive at a design that would do what I need it to do ( ride grotty lanes and tracks).

    The idea has always been to switch out the frame from my Genesis CDA an aluminium sort of gravel bike, that had been a commuter and part time lane basher.
    I wanted to keep the carbon fork and 1x SRAM apex groupset, and BB7 disc brakes..and build a kind of AK47 bike. Not perfect but does an adequate job in all weathers. Something almost agricultural.
    Room for 42mm on 700cs, maybe more on a 650b should I wish to go that way at a later date.

    The refinement will come with the fit, I have used the bikefit from Tony Corke and Tom Sturdy approved.


    So goodbye to the Genesis
    The Sturdy is being built

    Not my Horse

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    Thanks I have googled already

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    Basic I’m sure:
    Need a headset
    Ec34/28.6 upper ec34/30 lower

    Show me

    It’s standard 1 1/8th innit?