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    Nice one! How was your heart rate when you were down to 2? I find it incredibly tense and have lost the final fight several times not thinking straight.

    I think I prefer quads as a group of friends as its funnier but im looking forward to duos as there's only one other lad I play with who I can rely on enough consistently.

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    I have an elite kura trainer which is fluid resistance based, has a power meter and bluetooth connection with a 105 11 speed cassette
    I've rarely used it as I much prefer rollers, cost me £600 but would sell for £250

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    On that subject, this new found obsession has got me interested in twitch for the first time. The people on there are ridiculous but sadly it seems that I've hit my skill cap, I can't seem to win anymore, it's tempting to blame it on changes I made to my loadouts but the players im facing are much better to be honest

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    Have won nearly 10 solos and think the key is:

    1. recon contracts to know where the game is likely to end,
    2. getting an overkill loadout
    3. then swapping to ghost but retaining an agressive close to mid range weapon and a stronger long distance weapon.
    4. Then you don’t want to goto the final circle early but approach it from
      high ground with the gas on your back.
      Doesn’t always work out but when the circle ends in the open you’ve cleared other people in the open and just have the campers to emerge and pick off. Normally use a striker 45 with hollow points to do that, can crack their armour in a two shot burst and down them in the next.
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    Wholeheartedly agree
    Tho, I was completely ready to buy a scuf or Razer until I discovered you can't use headphones in wireless mode which makes the setup a bit unusable for me.

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    ^^ This,
    I only thought about the back panels last week and was immensely disappointed to discover they are sold out everywhere. My strongest opponent is the one who can crouch/jump whilst simultaneously aiming and firing so feel I have to join them with the paddles.
    Ive seen some listed as new on amazon for £100 and have second thought it at least twice

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    I thought the obsidian Camo is an excellent mechanism to get people back playing multiplayer instead of BR. Im tempted, to do this with striker 45 as its got me through many wins in BR but the grind is long man.

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    I try to avoid FPS games, basically end up racing for top rank and playing too aggressively. Last one I liked was Destiny but the PvE and PVP blend mixed with weekly missions and grinding really pissed me off. Track forward a few years of solitary From Software games and the odd AAA....

    I reluctantly downloaded CoD Warzone a few weeks go to play with two mates who desperately needed a third and now I'm obsessed with it! Bought the full game, bought the battle pass, maxed it all out as fast as I could and still playing BattleRoyale as much as I can.

    What I wasn't so keen on was the sound my PS4 Pro made when loading a new match or during some parts of the game. I also noticed that the fps was terrible and making my eyes really sore.

    Decided to try and rectify by replacing the thermal paste on CPU and thermal pads on memory chips. (Not taking into account how risky a move that was with the current price of consoles, which I only realised afterwards).
    It was a piece of piss to do, and I found this thing had been assembled very sloppily... the PS4 Pro no longer sounds like a leaf blower but the more surprising outcome came when I loaded up warzone.

    The graphics were a Higher Resolution (presumably I hadn't ever seen it work at 4k before) and I was getting a Much Higher FPS.
    The thing had been throttling itself cause it was reporting upper tolerance temperatures somewhere.

    Sorry for the CSB but have learnt a lot of people are struggling with Warzone and your PS4 thermal compounds will have aged since you first got your console. Its about £30 worth of materials sourced on Amazon and an hour of your time to resolve it.

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    SBC built my Bullitt wheels and they are in incredibly good condition two years later. Cant go wrong with that decision.

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    Got my negative result today after getting swabbed last weds. They told me 48 hrs but maybe a bit longer, took 5 days all in all and was really at my limit tbh. Lots of people at work had been sent home to isolate due to mere association with me just in-case.
    If any of you find yourselves getting swabbed and given a predicted date, don't rely on it, they're getting massively over worked on this right now and the procedures aren't very transparent to anybody involved it seems.