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    @Dammit pretty much.

    Depends on your age, youngsters do an A2 and have a restricted power licence for 2 years, or if old enough go straight to Direct Access A1, pass your test on a large bike then get whatever 200mph machines you fancy.

    I actually did Direct Access, then after trying a few fast bikes went back to a 250 thumper as way more fun. Test and training used to be cheaper on 125 and restricted, that may have changed.

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    A CSB moment.

    Guy Martin.
    Met him at races a few times, exactly what you see on the telly in real life.
    A weird hybrid of Fred Dibnah and Steve McQueen.

    So.... csb.

    After racing the Fort William DH enduro on the World Cup DH track and finishing on a Hardtail, i go for a post race slash before i seize up.

    I am quite distinctive and easy to spot when racing back then (Hells Angel among MX'ers look)

    So mid flow... squeeky voice "your the fella on a hardtail"
    I kinda finish the business in hand and sort of recognise the voice.

    Holy shit it's Guy Martin for real, in reality, i am very tired but Guy Martin is talking to me.....

    GM your the fella on a hardtail, hats off to you, i couldn't do what you just did.

    Me, your the fella that fireballs motor bikes at IOM at 180mph, i couldn't do that.

    A bizarre encounter and post race chat ensued. GM summed up DH MTB as a bit of fun, at worst you break a leg or collar bone, serious injury is unlikely.
    The hook with the IOM was a single mistake, error, and your dead, that was the rush. Make a mistake and your dead. He couldn't remember the fireball incident but was surprised not to be dead.
    GM thinks i am nuts, i think he's nuts.

    I still have a race time sheet with me in something like 94th and i punched a hole in the back of a leg while trying not to highside off the track at the deer fence crossing ( i touched the brakes)
    GM is 95th and binned a factory hope/Orange/Fox bike and knocked himself out.

    IOM racers are nuts.

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    Fiat main dealers aren't great either.

    Minefield, find a friend who is a mechanic and take them car shopping with you :)

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    @malandro buying any used vehicle has risk, it's a gamble.

    Been looking at MG TF's loads of cheap ones which might not have much work history, might get one that's had lots done or been bodged that can't be seen as a mid engine layout or go to a Specialist dealer that has done required head gasket/cam belt/water pump a years clean MOT and few months warranty and pay extra, which may work out cheaper if i go cheap and get a lemon dropping a mid engine to work on it is not really in my scope......

    Eyeing up MG Midgets (fave, small, fun, easy parts) TF's (mid engine soft tops with modern refinment) Toyota MR2 gen3 roadster, mid engine fun machine 2+ tooth brush :) or a Mk I Mx5 boring but easy to work on and parts.

    Private sellers cheaper but you need to research what your buying.

    Trade has rep to protect, but have had two FIAT skips from large dealers. Independents with long trading history can be better than large chain dealers.

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    Even stock ones are making several K now.

    We had the estate for years on LPG and a 244 saloon that got smacked up many times by me and my two brothers, absolute tanks. Always wanted a 242 Coupe :)

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    change your mind how ? :)

    i went 56 would go 58 if i get another.

    Go PC if only running fixed, nicer welds.
    Go FXE if swapping between Fixed and SS and want a rear brake and mudguards.

    About sums it up. Had a 56 FXE would go 58FXE again.

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    Also use Firefox on pc and not able to upload files. Used to work, then it stopped.

    It's a forum firefox thang.

    I use msa just to do photo attachments now.
    Some one else can give a more more tech/detailed IT reason why Firefox and the Forum don't speak to each other anymore.

    Fixie Beef ? :)

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    And take a midge net....

    Nothing worse than running out of petrol and having to walk for fuel with no midge net....

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    @bobble done that lots in car, normally to Fort William for racing.

    The Fort has several fuel stations and keen pricing because of that.
    There was a co-op fuel station on Skye in main town which was average price wise.
    The further out you get the price goes up, and expect quirky opening hours and maybe closed on sundays. Some of the islands prices made Motorway services look cheap, but then it's an island with ferry only access.
    The Alpinesque pass over to Applecross is a must do and there was an automated card only fuel bunker near the pub.
    If your bike is a thirsty one, carry extra fuel and get to know how far you can go on a tank, and how far reserve will get you. Fill up where you can.
    would love to do the Islands on a vespa one day.

    ADV is a good resource for info https://advrider.com/f/search/74429080/?­q=scotland&o=relevance

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    All trapped in mud and starving :)