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    Most fun i have had is with a cheapo hedge find gas-pipe Raleigh, raced it a few times too.

    Cracked open a cold one, waiting for next update :)

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    Can restart my CP roller :)

    Dug another rack and some tools from storage. Can now trim down the steel fork steerer tube.

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    Cheers forumengers :)

    Some ideas popping through.

    Current set up is what i would call a large comfort saddle with elastomer springs, like a modern version of a sprung Brooks.
    hadn't thought about suspension seatpost's.

    Fizik and Brooks are a good shout along with older downhill saddles.
    will rob my bikes in storeage, got some older DH type stuff.

    Kind of restarting, as the issue had come as my mate had started doing longer rides, we are looking at restarting with 15 mile rides and see what happens.

    Jonny69 we are on the same wavelength, i know many people suffer from saddle issues and saddle fitting is a newish thing, but my mate is at an extreme end of the weight scale and it's logical to expect problems when we increase the time in the saddle.

    Some great pointers coming through, keep em coming.

    Thank you forum :)

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    Thank you.
    will look into that.

    Several years back there was a call for help from a bike shop onto the forums (across a couple of forums) about building up a mountain bike for i think a 30+ stone rider.
    The shop couldn't get direct answers from some of the parts brands as the rider weight was well beyond what was expected. Think that went to a Nicolai frame and pretty much Downhill race spec parts for a xc bike.
    Might get some pointers from the linked blog (Ta again)

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    Throwing this out to the forum for possible links and help.

    Let's not beat about the bush, my mate is a 28 stoner, a Bariatric size person.
    He likes riding his bicycle, it makes him happy and trims some weight.
    Recent issues have arisen as he has upped his mileage aiming for the London 46.
    I Suspected saddle fitment and rider weight, without going into details, medical help was asked for and a couple of things cropped up including cancer. This ment he bailed from the 46 while undergoing checks.
    All checked out and given all clear now and looking to ride again.
    My mate rides a Cube MTB because Cube don't have a weight limit on MTB's, he would love a road bike or hybrid but most have a 18stone limit (what he looked into to, then went Cube)

    Has anyone had a "saddle fitting" i understand this is fairly new but get the idea, now factor in the extra weight and pressure on the body i am thinking it might be an idea to steer my mate to a fitting session.
    At the moment he is happy with a wide heavy duty comfort saddle with a gel cover for extra padding.

    Our short rides are around 15 miles. No problem.
    Up to 20-25miles. No problem.
    Exceed 25miles and then the problems start.
    Position on bike is fairly upright, MTB on riser bars, average cadence is 13-16mph. he is happy with current bike.

    I am wondering if anyone has had a saddle fitting ? any feedback in general ? we are looking at an extreme end of the weight scale and possible issues that 10-18 stone riders won't have.
    Any pointers to look at shop wise, can make a day trip to London, so London/Kent shops.

    Possibly an odd request, but this forum is good place to start for info.

    thank you

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    Enough stickers to mock up a bike :)

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    Dunno, modern styling for performance aside.

    It still looks to me like someones tried to hop a large kerb and got it badly wrong bending the fork and squashing the chain ring.

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    Cheaper, sealed bearings, higher spoke count at 36 so should be very bombproof, 80g heavier, but that could be bought down a touch, company has good rep/service.


    Shame PlanetX don't do the DP18 Novatec clinchers any more as they where a good buy, they do have a similar tub wheel, or check v-sprint.com

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    More advanced revenge than the current forum fave of hammering frozen sausages into his lawn :)