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    Yep as already stated get a moving firm in.
    Get quotes from local companys.
    They will vist you and assess your stuff and quote a volume in cubic feet.
    For rough ideas, a standard 20 foot box 7.5ton lorry is around 900 cubic feet, the big double decker bus size Pantechnicons removal lorries are around 2,300 cubic feet of volume.

    if you get a quote in volume, you can use that over the phone for a blind quote with Irish based movers, just remember to try and ditch some stuff, and don't add anything/hide anything as you might run out of space.......... Did it for 4 years, loads of people trying it on....... get a quote then have new furniture delivered a week before moving, then have a paddy because they are 500 cubic feet over volume and it won't fit the truck.

    Sending over 1 large lorry load might be marginaly cheaper with a moving company. Should be less hassle. Cost that against rental fee for self move, time taken, and double the fuel and ferry costs.
    Be ruthless, anything you don't think you need, get rid of it. We moved people who had stuff still boxed from a move several years earlier, just clear all the things out. This will help speed up the actual day of moving out, and speed up getting everything in the new home.

    Start hoarding cardboard boxes, box all the things :)

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    Check this page out. Omlet instant chicken kits, not sure if they still supply chickens........

    Other half went from Bees to chicken keeping, but not owning the house and having a smallish garden, the lawn would be ruined.

    They even do little Hi-Vis vest for the chickens ? :)

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    This was and maybe still is too common a sight, used to see this a fair bit, packs of riders set off in close formation then take each other out and shut the track down.

    It would appear the rider who crashes has his helmet removed by the impact from the second rider, most likely didn't do his chin strap up.

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    This was an epic one.
    Had a hardtail cat too :)

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    Fellas are fairly clued up.
    Blind run so approaching each section with caution.
    Trying to pick out choices before having a go.
    Crashes are mostly just lying the bike down at slow speed.
    That's kinda the best approach. Squeeling brakes though.........

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    First thought from the glimpse of the fancy lugged headtube was it might be an old Carlton.

    Seatpost size can sometimes help indicate tubesets, although 531 stamped into the tube is good clue :)

    http://www.hilarystone.com is worth looking at, you might see something similar and he does do a lot of links to various brands history.

    Butchering chain tugs is proberly a good bet unless you have a magic pot in the shed full of assorted washers and axle spacers.

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    Looks like basic budget dropouts, possible overtighting of wheel nuts has deformed them slightly.
    Slipping a big washer under the nut may do the job.
    Running chaintugs on forward facing semi horizontal dropouts may be a faff getting set up.

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    looks like 18 hole, SJS have the 18 hole rims on special only £289......

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    That green S.I.R 9er on last page.

    Tested one of them with matching steel fork. White industries cranks, silly ultra light disc rotors and other silly light parts.
    Went uphill like a rocket, was slightly scary coming back down in a twangy will it actually stop or have i snapped a rotor kinda way.
    Bought a Karate Monkey and never looked back, doubt the Niner would have made it this far with me.
    Was but a fleeting dalliance, now just a fond memory of what was not to be.