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    Lots of really good advice thanks a lot!

    @HarmanMogul that's a great advice! Definitely would have not done that and just suffered on the day.
    @absurdbird and @withered_preacher Yes. I'm also learning a lot about fit for clothing. Turned out there's a lot of details i didn't know about.

    @>>>>>> that's a great recommendation. I definitely need to go to the shop in person though because I don't really know what I like/how things fit.

    @kboy My problem is I need a physical shop because I sadly don't have that "know-how" you talk about ;-)

    @ChasnotRobert solid recommendations here. I think that this type of "big stores" might be the quickest way to get the feel of what's out there.

    @Tenderloin I'm going to be wearing a dark green jacket and light grey trousers if that helps. For the shoes I was looking at brown as they might be easier to reuse though my more fashion aware friends were suggesting burgundy.

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    Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend good stores in London to try a variety of formal shoes?

    For context, I'm pretty ignorant in the formal dressing world but I'm looking for a pair of shoes for my wedding. It's not going to be super formal without being completely casual. Think sport jacket, no tie, but probably not going to get away with sneakers. I was thinking something along the line of "formal shoes" with no show socks for a more casual twist for example.
    My problems is I don't really know where to look as I've not worn formal shoes all that much so I need a physical shop to see a variety of options.
    Budget wise, it looks like it can be pretty crazy and even though I value good craftsman ship, I don't think I'm going to wear formal shoes all that much in the future so if we can stay reasonable that's better.


    Note: this has been copied over from the suits thread after someone recommended this one.

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    Old: parlement Hill Fields lido

    New: it's a pool party. Given the name of the street where that pool is I was expecting more of a ball pit.

    Long time lurker first time player. I know I was right to check the bike tag at the end of my ride 😁

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    I didn't know this ! Thanks for the discovery ! I had fun catching up this weekend.

    I was too lazy to spin up a proper project folder for this.
    So I went for the terrible strategy of doing all the problems in a single colab....
    Let's see how long it take for it to come back to bite me... :-D

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    Looks like we had a similar ride ;-)

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    Thanks! Looking forward to being able to try those routes!

    I remember my first run in Epping. It was also my first 30k+ run. 2 kilometres in I got lost and off the planed trail and ran through what can only be described as a small lake covered by dead leaves... Like knee deep and 10 meter long...
    I had to do the rest of the run with soaking wet and water heavy shoes...
    Fun times! :-)

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    I'd be interested in those routes. One gotta love a mud bath... Do you have gpx or something please?

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    I'll take that. Will pm for details.

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    Unfortunately I would need adapters to run 140mm rotors.
    I might be set thanks to my lbs. I'll close that thread when it's 100% sure.