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    Probably because he was using his company name he tried to appear "reasonable" by suggesting that violence in any way connected to BLM demos totally undermined the whole cause. He actually got a couple of "likes" for it at which point I stopped looking.

    He seemed to be particularly upset about the Police being attacked so I'm sure he would feel the same way about last Saturday's events.

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    He'll always yomp alone.

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    User user114091 was posting rubbish like this in a well known DJ's instagram feed a week or so back.
    Except he used his company name in that instance.

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    Very nice Rossin with narrow flat bars in Paddington Basin at lunchtime.

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    Compared to the 80s there are so many better treatments available now. Back then they just greased you up like a channel swimmer and hoped for the best.

    I’ve been on Humira for 5 years now and it has totally changed my life as it’s the only thing that has truly worked for me.

    I do think stopping smoking and reduced drinking has also helped but it’s also true that every case seems to be slightly different.

    For beard wearers I’d recommend rubbing protopic ointment or Vaseline into it when still wet.

    I also strongly agree with those who suggest not using soap at all.

    I’ve had this shitty condition for 39 years now and there is such a better array of treatments available now so do take the time to see a GP if you can and good luck.

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    The racist ones probably do, just as the fans of your club who are also racists probably say about their own players.

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    My mate keeps nicking Tolkien books from Waterstones.

    He’s a Hobbitual criminal !