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    Sorry Vince, we're connecting local customers with local independent merchants. Not actually carrying stock ourselves.

    You should check out the many lists of importers available on the web. The more grower champagne the better! (folks- this is as opposed to mass marketed champagnes like Moet that cost little to make, aren't all that good, but that big marketing and big business has made everyone believe to be worth £30+ per bottle).

    Before anyone takes the piss these are family businesses from all over Europe, often run by many generations of the same family. It is Tesco and the biggest retailers you need to aim your scepticism at - they are squeezing as much out of the industry as they possibly can. We are working with the independent merchants to lead the fight back - not exactly vintage bordeaux, but rather good quality wines that are a slight premium to the supermarket.

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    Just to clarify, it is £35 guaranteed for 5 hrs not 6.

    We are currently running near capacity on our slots - hence hiring more couriers. So there would be the opportunity to earn another £20 on busy nights.

    We have a lot of overlapping shifts due to different opening hours of stores we will be delivering from.

    Also - if a courier is interested in shifts but feels they have such substantial experience to justify an above market rate, we are also interested in talking.

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    We have not had a single problem with the bottles yet! The right courier bag can happily take wine bottles. We're not dealing with cheap stuff, so they tend to be high quality and resiliently made.

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    We are looking for reliable, friendly and experienced couriers to take up some of our many shifts on offer throughout the week.

    At vyne.co.uk we deliver one or two bottles at a time from multiple independent merchants, to our customers at home or to their office.


    1. Reliable and friendly to our customers, who are very nice and appreciative of good service.
    2. Tech-savvy. Pick up jobs through an app we have built ourselves. Our current courier team are using it and find it great to work with and much more modern than other dispatch solutions with existing courier networks.
    3. Have the right equipment and experience in using it (bags, bike etc.).
    4. Good references as a courier (we do check these)

    To apply, please send through your details, along with reasons as to why you would be a good fit (addressing points 1-4 above) to: join -at- vyne.co.uk

    Varying shifts available.
    We offer guaranteed a rate for each shift.
    Example: (per 5 hr slot, £35 plus per delivery commission of £2). We're currently running at capacity where we deliver and expect an average of 2 deliveries per hour to be completed.

    Our greatest availability is for evening slots (depending on location).

    Couriers are assigned to a zone.

    Especially need West London couriers for Notting Hill, Kensington & Fulham

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    Hi 5150_Pete

    I was just about to post a job as a courier in the general forum. Incidentally, I am a UCL grad running a company that delivers one or two wine bottles at a time from independent wine merchants all over London to our lovely customers at home or in the office.

    If you're interested in the opportunity please write to join -at - vyne.co.uk