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    @wintyDono thanks - all added to the eBay trawl.

    @S_b the Krampus looks awesome but probably a bit rich for me, Surlys seem to hold their price really well preowned.

    @cheekysnaker ideally (not really possibly due to ever changing standard) get something that will have a good availability of parts. I'd like thru axle but that leads to boosts standard nonsense, tapered HT would be good as well as you say for fork choice.

    I've seen the Sonder Frontier, iirc I saw someone in a CP thread building one for their wife. Will see if I can dredge it up. Unlikely to find 2nd hand but looks to be a good all rounder which I could hopefully get a sus fork if I found myself wanting one.

    In terms of riding I'd imagine it'll be a lot of trails for the most part, and if feel more exotic and enjoying it, head further up country to some more adventurous riding. I've really fallen out of love with cycling so something that is going to put a smile on my face and get me out of bed to ride is the order of the day.

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    Unsurprisingly for a discontinued frameset, proving hard to find either an Inbred or 456 on eBay or on here. Any other frames I could consider that hopefully are a bit more abundant 2nd hand?

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    Does anyone have a small frameset/complete inbred for sale? Looking to make my first foray into MTB

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    I moved from Woolwich to Falkirk in October and now most of the house stuff is done bar a bit of painting, my eye turns to the wealth of countryside and tracks near me I'm excited to get back to a MTB for the first time since I was a kid in the New Forest. Also my only bike since the move is my trust Pre Cursa which is not fit for any paths near here.

    I know close to nothing about MTBs but in terms of requirements:

    • Suitable for my little 5'5 frame
    • Ideally quite versatile (can take a rigid fork and rack or sus fork)
    • Good starting point for learning about riding off road
    • Can be used on a turbo indoors (possibly direct drive as a friend has offered my his as he's never used it)

    There are lots of good woodland trails near me, Callendar Estate trails and I'm sure heaps more to discover.

    I've always liked the look of On-One Inbred for the above, but anything I can get a hold off 2nd hand for around the £400/500 mark ideally the lower end of that would be fantastic.

    Things to decide:

    • Wheel size
    • Frame options

    Components wise I'll be going for whatever comes with the 2nd hand bike, and I'll just put on whatever the MTB equivalent of 105 is if I feel like upgrading and I'm riding enough.

    The other area I'm flummoxed by is MTB sizing - from a google around, it'd appear about 16"?

    As you can tell from the above pretty useless BUT I'd love any help/advice people have, and if anyone is near me and fancies a ride let me know!

    Current insp:

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    I've been trawling the local gumtree/fb marketplace trying to find something to build a very reliable run around with guards, front rack that I can lock up and not fret about.

    Sizing questions for retro mtb: I've 5'5 and the best fitting bike (at least according to my body) that I've ever had is my 50cm Pre Cursa. From what I've read ballpark a 16" frame would be about right?

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    Thank you! Ended up just turning off the mains and emptying out what was there then swapping them over. Thanks that was very useful!

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    Washing machine swap: usually have a very clear valve to turn off water to the machine before swapping.

    However I have found this very odd thing connecting the pipe to the water.

    Please anyone who can help me understand how to get the cunt off I’d massively appreciate it

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    Yeah I'm completely out my depth when it comes to DIY terminology. In my head it was something resembling a handheld jigsaw but something a little more powerful/less brittle. I suppose best person to get a quote from here would be a joiner or a carpenter?

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    Looking to remove the previous owner's built in wardrobes in 2 rooms. One room will be replaced with IKEA Pax system, the other with bookcases and bench to create a sort of reading nook.

    I can't tell if this could be a DIY job or I'll end up pulling down plaster and fucking it all up.

    Pictures attached - looks to be glued to the wall/skirting and then a timber frame for the doors/rails/shelf. Logic tells me a good electric saw with a thin blade, then carefully take back what is left with another tool should give me something good to work with? Or should I just put it on my tab and get someone in?