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    Can anyone recommend a lap/lighting for behind monitors? My office gets the sun in the morning but in the afternoon, it't not dark enough to have the full light on, but enough to strain my eyes relative to the monitors. @Soul you look to have one on his set up (which is ridiculously nice all round)?

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    Looking for any advice on moving a socket to the opposite side of a wall (i..e. wall is between two rooms, I want to move the socket from one room to another, and just put a blank pate where the socket previously was.

    Can anyone suggest a resource on how to do this? I have a rough idea but I'd rather not break anything or myself!

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    Odd combination, not for the same build.

    Brake levers for v brakes. The plastic ones that have been abused since the early 90s are unusable. Something functional and ratty ideally silver please. And that you'd be happy to post this week. Parts bin special! Flat bar, diameter to fit old mtb flat bars but I can always shim.

    Likewise for the SSD. 2.5" 1TB or 2TB. I'll probably just get a new one but in case someone has a spare and I can reuse someone elses instead of replacing!

    Thanks in advance!

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    @Silly_Savage that giant colander looks amazing, thanks for the shout on the rubblemate!

    Thankfully the immediate trampolines have been unused but the sound does travel form one down doors down. Still it sure as shit beats the noise we backed on to in Woolwich.

    @russmeyer @Ducky🦆 thanks for the examples!

    We did more yesterday lunch and evening. More old bushes out, wife started on painting the fence and I filled a few builder bags for the tip. Oh, and removed the concrete and stone and plant pot mess they installed, took a lot of hammering a brick bolster to get that into bits.

    Had a research to try and get a more accurate idea on material costs and have ended up getting a quote from a local firm to do it. I'm always in favour of DIY but my wife is less keen and fair enough as I'm not always the easiest to work with when I get tired and stressed. And given we've not done a project like this before, learning as we go on £1k ish of timber is potentially an expensive learning curve.

    Love the idea of postsaver, just shame it needs a blowtorch to install!

    If I loose the battle on DIYing the deck, I might win the contract on building the planters.

    Today's probably the last day before the rain comes in so I'm getting the rest of the paving slabs out as far as the deck will go at lunch, then take down and strip the conifer hopefully before we lose the light.

    Varnish will arrive so we can finish the wall to wall bookcases in the library which have been a never ending project but is almost at an end. Carpet is in store waiting to be put in and we have probably 20-30 moving boxes containing books in the guest room, so it'll be nice to see that room again.

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    I was thinking posts in the ground with postcrete the subframe to that, is there much difference between the two in terms of difficulty vs gain?

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    I'm mainly going to be using this as a vessel to get information from you clever folks, and also document my progress. I love reading other peoples threads so hopefully this gives someone else some of that!

    We bought our first home in October and since then have known the garden would be something we wanted to work on. Our main reasons were nearly all with previous owners design choices but boiled down to the following work.

    1. Remove existing "patio" and concrete and rock beds & replace with decking
    2. Remove superfluous flower beds and replace with taller planters
    3. Turf reclaimed bits of garden (and probably replace the existing grass unless advised against)
    4. Re pave area with bins and old flower beds for space for BBQ and small shed to store garden stuff

    Having had a few solid days of lovely sunshine we took to the task on Thursday and so far have removed lots of patio, one of the concrete rock things, a large conifer (wanted to keep it but it had grown into our neighbours garden an they weren't keen on it either so down it came).

    We are now considering what we need to do to prepare the ground for the deck once we've cleared the rest of the space. There is currently probably 60% gravel now slabs and beds have been removed, most with liner underneath. I know the "right" answer is to dig it all up, lay new liner once deck supports are in the ground and relay new liner but if I can minimise that work then that suits me!

    The other question I have for you clever folks is this: Mrs Velohobbit and I had watched this handy guide

    for laying a deck ourselves. The issue I realised last night, is that we are looking to put this as close to the fence in the corner as possible. This leaves us with an issue getting at the sides to assemble the deck as per video.

    Has anyone else
    a) have any deck making pearls of wisdom for us
    b) have any ideas on how to build said deck into a corner

    Any thoughts/advice more than welcome. Pics for context and some progress.

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    This is stunning, exactly the sort of thing I was aiming for with my Raleigh before everything decided to be old and incompatible!