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    also, what sort of physio did you go for? Not really something that I’ve ever had experience with. I haven’t done anything since post op but I normally foam roller and stretch on my yoga mat. I did go swimming for about 4hrs the weekend before the consultant told me not to which was a kick, as it felt amaze balls

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    Wow that’s great to hear! Did you have any misalignment/malrotation issues? From what I’ve read they’re more common with IM femur operations. And if so, did you have to go down a bike alterations route to accommodate any new body geometry?

    And I agree, when you consider swelling, regaining dexterity and muscle mass it is a quick process.

    To be honest I had a pretty good and undeterred mindset prior to noticing my foot. I’ve no regret over what happened and it hasn’t put me off returning. A seed has been planted which has made me more aware of my foot, to the extent that I now don’t want to notice it any more.

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    Thanks alf0nse, yeh with both knees facing forward (parallel to one another) my left for toe’s outward.

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    6 weeks ago I broke both my fibula and tibia whilst Bouldering. I was rushed to the Royal London on a potent cocktail of drugs and sparkly blue lights to have surgery, which consisted of a titanium tibial intramammary nail (sorry I know that’s a mouthful).

    The physio team and consultants were happy with the outcome and I was discharged 3 days after surgery. I was told the all important thing - I would be able to return to my life the way it Was, climbing mountains and staying active in the ways that I do.

    It was truly remarkable, my leg was in a cast for a mere few hours whilst I was in a&e waiting for surgery, and no cast after the op. So appreciative of the nhs, especially after an accident whilst doing something that I love. However for the first time since it happened, I have concerns about the future impact of the injury on the quality of my life.

    I have been walking without crutches for the past 2 weeks and I have steadily noticed that my foot toe’d outwards. I’ve since learnt that this malrotation (bone healing out of rotational alignment) is something that is possible with long bone breakages that are fixed with IM nails.

    I have spoken to a consultant back at the hospital and they did not seem surprised but instead explained that this was in fact an outcome of how the bones have fused. His advice was to allow the leg to completely heal and potential future avenues would be realignment (re-break, re-pin, another long healing period….).

    It has so far been almost impossible to source a second point of view. I’m seeing the consultant again in 6 weeks for another check but I can’t speak to anyone other than a nurse. The Fracture Clinic Manager is going to liase with the consultant and see if I can get a second opinion from a foot specialist there.

    I’m currently out of work on SSP and haven’t been told what I can and can’t do, other than to not swim until wounds have completely healed.

    So there is the scenario and at the moment I have more questions than answers. I’ve come here in hope that there is someone out there who has gone through a similar process.

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    After a 700c long haul trucker disc fork and a front pannier rack to fit it, such as a surly nice.