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    Cowbell and +2cm on your road handlebar width, end of story.


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    Hah, yeah. It was meant as a joke. I completely agree with you, all the standards they use are fine, it really does comes down to clearance and a very conservative choice of road only frames.
    But if they want to retire and have no one to succeed them then any gravel frame wouldn’t have changed that.

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    11/8, BSA, 27.2, rim brakes, clearance for 25mm max. All those dying standards 😉

    I completely agree though. I’m tempted to get one now, but it’s just not what I’d want from a road frame anymore.

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    Yeah, I would consider that an untrustworthy industry answer.

    Drink the beer because you like it, not because of the B12

    Also, all of the videos are subtitles in multiple languages and transcribed.

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    Oof. Those are my numbers. Let me know when you decide on price

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    Ours are just placed on top of two leca blocks.

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    I understand.
    The important differentiation here is yeast and bacteria. They are not the same.

    Vitamin B12 can only be produced by bacteria.
    It cannot be produced by any yeast cells. So if there is some B12 in nutritional yeast or in beer, it is always added or due to bacterial contamination in the production which is highly unlikely.
    Some of the other B vitamins can be produced by yeast, but not B12.

    You mention the 0,65mcg and I’m guessing you see that in relation to the current EU (it will likely change very soon) daily recommendation of 2 mcg, so my numbers doesn’t add up or seem exaggerated, but that’s due to how the receptor system works.

    Apart from 500mcg daily and 2500mcg once a week there is also the option of eating fortified foods.

    In that case it is recommended to eat B12-fortified foods three times a day (at each meal), each containing at least 190% of the Daily Value listed on the nutrition facts label (based on the new labeling mandated to start January 1, 2020—the target is 4.5 mcg three times a day). 

    The easiest, cheapest and safest way is to eat a supplement.

    Here are some videos to check out.



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    First of I just want to say that it’s good you had it checked.

    But B12 does not come from healthy and varied eating.
    B12 comes from bacteria. Because there is lots of bacteria in our soil and in our guts you can either eat dirt or feces (the bacteria that produces B12 unfortunately lives past the point in our gut where we absorb it, so it has to exit before re-entering) OR just take a supplement. You either need 500mcg a day or 2500mcg once a week.
    Given you are low I’d take 500mcg twice a day for a month to boost your intake.
    It’s water soluble so you can’t overdose on it.

    Personally I think it’s part of being a responsible vegan. You need to have B12 under control to silence the sceptics.

    You should also add 2000 units (50mcg) of Vitamin D to that, but you didn’t ask specifically for that so I won’t go into depth. It’s just a recommendation.

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    Hah, are they available for purchase?