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My cycling is was mainly commuting, approx 100 miles a week into central London from E11.
My main ride is now a Reynolds 853 Thorn Audax, setup with 2*9 gearing. Experimenting with large supple tyres at the moment.

Boardman disc brake road bike 2*11, weekend/fast bike.

Other bikes in varying stages of being built/reconfigured/stripped:

Singular Gryphon, need to completed as a 1*10 or 1*9 depending on the parts bin.
Dawes Super Galaxy (1983), reconfiguring as 650B plush tyre affair, using Sturmey Archer drum brakes (not popular these) so no need to worry about re-brazing studs etc. Keeping the original TA Cyclotouriste cranks, front and rear deraileurs and the Suntour shifters.
Kona Honky Inc disc brake bike (2010??), might crimp the stays and try to get 42mm tyres squeezed in and call it a gravel bike. Plan is to gear it with Ultegra 2*10, Roadlink, 11-42 cassette and a compact 50-34.
Condor Barriachi (1972) really nice lightweight fillet brazed 531 frame and forks early 70s TT bike by Vic Edwards who worked at Condor at the time.
Mercian King of Mercia (1986), nice 531 with canti studs audax/tourer. I need to finish the gearing, have built wheels with 80's campag hubs and Kinlin ADHN rims.

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