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    Does anyone know what the "standard" (if it exists) pad-to-disc rotor clearance should be? Does this vary by manufacturer?
    I have a pair of TRP HyRd, and the front disc clearance is chuff all; its a nightmare to set up, and won't tolerate switching wheels without the dreaded brake rub.
    I've tried using a feeler gauge to measure; on a set of Juin R1, I can get in the 0.3mm leaf, but its snug. The 0.2mm leaf fits fine.
    On the TRP HyRd, I can barely get in the 0.15mm, and even the 0.1 is snug.

    I have tried using alcohol to clean up the inside of the calipers...

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    I'd be interested, but... I'd need them posting. I may even have some sort of Brooks to trade. I'll PM

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    Hello mate
    Sorry for delay, I have a small stack of 'rings, almost all are 130BCD from days when I could actually ride up hills on a 39T... They are all plain, silver, 8, 9 or 10 speed, no fancy ramps. Choice of:
    TA 39T VGC
    Shimano A 42T VGC (goes with a Shimano A 53T outer, I think Dura Ace
    Shimano B 39T Good
    Shimano 39T, older style, VGC (goes with a Shimano 52T outer)

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    I'm sure I have some, will have a look tomorrow. I'm just west of Halifax if you ride out this far?

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    Looks like an ebay seller in the US has some fixed nozzles for a J-28; I am thinking I will cut the nozzle off and tap the end to accept the replaceable tips, kinda like you suggest, @M_V

    If I had realised how hard it would be to find all the required kit to get this torch running... Although these torches are really well thought of in framebuilding circles (so I am led to believe), the threads, connectors and nozzles are all US sizes and not available outside the US.

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    Here's a couple of photos

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    Thanks, @M_V - if I could guarantee that the neck to torch body was correct, you're right, I could just tap a new thread onto the nozzle end and hey presto! So, I would need a neck with a female 9/16" 22tpi fitment. I'll have a look at that one you link to but I can't see a spec for the threads... And what I (seem to have?) learned over the last 4 weeks of searching is that there is no single standard for torch threads. They are even worse than bottom brackets!! ;-)

    I don't suppose anyone has one of these handy and has already worked out the thread size?

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    Can anyone help - I am after a Victor UN-J elbow to fit a J-28 brazing torch. The part number is Victor - 0325-0101.
    I appreciate this is a very specific thing, but I am having real problems getting one in the UK. Neither Victor or ESAB (Victor dealers/owners in Europe) will supply one, and although there are a few US companies that have them, there seems to be a minimum spend tied into Brexit/VAT and I may be looking at £150 for a bit of bent copper tube!
    Ever hopeful...