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Hello I'm Matt. I have been on LFGSS for quite a while, maybe even posted a few times a while back! I was probably trying to sell a bike of some description.

I have been riding for 14 years, mainly mountain bikes and bmx, but I love all types of cycling these days, especially using my single speed for getting around Bristol.

Currently, I am setting up a Bristol based bike company called Temple Cycles. I have made a few single speeds, but most of the bikes will be geared. http://www.templecycles.co.uk/

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    You could try contacting Oxford bike works to see who they use. http://www.oxfordbikeworks.co.uk/OxfordB­ikeWorks/Home.htm
    Rich is a really nice guy. I know they get some of their frame done in Oxford.

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    I always chase the thread after a frame has been powder coated. In regard to facing the shell, this is only necessary if you are running an external bottom bracket. If your frame is steel, and you face the shell and run it with a non-external bottom bracket, it will leave and exposed area where rust can start forming, which could potentially be problematic with powder coating as rust grows under the surface. I always touch up any chips in my frame with nail polish! A good phosphate primer will also help prevent rust spreading.