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On a bike in the New Forest and London, most of the time. Used to work for LCC, now a free agent.

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    I'm still catching up on the ATAC story. I was out of the country for most of 2016 so hadn't heard the details. If the numbers in the @mespilus figures are corect then the 'cost' of not sorting out the tax haven avoidance is 1.5 times the red bus 'cost' of the EU. Why hasn't this been a major debating point.
    What did the EU ever do for us? It very nearly saved us £27 Bn a year in taxes lost to rich scum.
    There have been questions about the £8 m donation from Arron Banks asking where the money came from but not 'why?'. ATAC explains why he and dozens of others were happy to spend millions on anti EU propaganda in order to save billions in tax avoidance. Why haven't we been asking about this?

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    Thanks for all the tips. I will have to get measuring and shopping. The double glazing units are aluminium framed but probably about the same weight as plastic. The glazing beads are on the outside. I wonder what the difference is between the £6.99 suction lifter and the £59.99 CK suction lifter at Screwfix.

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    Thanks for that info. I will look at the Phocas hinges to check if there are any problems with the position of the screw holes. I am a bit worried about handling the weight of the window while fixing the last screws. I am thinking of rigging a sling from a ladder outside the window. It is a bit tricky as the one in the photo is above the porch roof and one of the others is above a big bay window.
    This might be a silly question - do they come in matching pairs when you buy them or do I have to order top/bottom or left/right ones?

    I found this naff video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LKQ4NpViQJ­ where the Handyman cuts out the scenes where he almost drops the window outside.

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    We have a similar problem with 3 windows not closing. On side hung windows there is a 3-4 mm gap at the bottom on the hinge side, no gap a the top. The hinges are easy clean models that can open very wide. This type

    The plastic locating lug seems to have worn away. I can see what the problem is but have no idea how to take out old ones and replace with new.

    They have only been in for 8 years but the house was rented out while we were overseas in 2016/17 so anything could have happened. Further complications are that the builder who did the work has retired and the company that made the windows has gone out of business so they cannot help us.

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    I can't help but think that May is doing everything she can to end up in a situation where she is forced to withdraw A50 as there isn't sufficient backing for anything

    To do that would destroy the Conservative Party at Westminster. Once again Mrs May has chosen party over country. She has given their hard Brexit minority a significant victory. BBC TV showed them heading for another celebration at Rees-Mogg Towers.

    When she and her bedraggled unicorns return defeated from Brussels everyone will blame the dastardly devious foreigners for trying to destroy Our Brexit. Anything Corbyn/Labour do or say can and will be ignored.

    If Brexit destroys the country then Cameron and the Brexiteers will be blamed. If a botched deal destroys the Conservative Pary she and she alone will be blamed.

    I quite liked Ian Blackford's summing up after last night's vote:

    Tonight the Conservative Party has effectively ripped apart the Good Friday Agreement. This House should be ashamed of itself . . .
    Scotland has been sidelined, silenced and shafted by the Tories

    https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Inde­x/fa6b40ec-a334-405d-8dbb-ea7ea1422619 -from 20:45:49

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    Glenryck Pilchards

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    Prince Philip says that the sun was in his eyes so he couldn't see anything and so pulled out into a road he knows has lots of fast traffic. Careless driving is a crime, as is dangerous driving. The Prince's admission of guilt is on the borderline of the definition of dangerous driving.

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    Marina Hyde is not very kind to Rees-Mogg

    If you had to distil into one personage the British people’s gibbering historical deference to terrible ideas advanced by low-to-middlebrow post-feudal shitlords who openly detest them, this plastic aristocrat would be it. Rees-Mogg is the logical end of whole centuries of barking up the wrong tree.