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On a bike in the New Forest and London, most of the time. Used to work for LCC, now a free agent.

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    Results you might have missed from the YouGov poll of Tory Party members last week:

    Please imagine that Nigel Farage joined the Conservative Party and stood in the leadership contest, how happy or unhappy would you be if he became the next leader of the Conservative Party?

    Very happy 28
    Quite happy 18

    Neither happy nor unhappy 13

    Quite unhappy 14
    Very unhappy 26
    Don't know 1

    Imagine you live in the land of Oz, and the candidates are the Tin Man, who's all brains and no heart, and the Scarecrow, who's all heart and no brains. Who would you vote for?

    Tin Man 67
    Scarecrow 14
    Don't Know 19

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    We don't know exactly how many Conservative Party members there are because - unlike the UK's other parties - the Conservatives don't regularly release the figures.

    The last time they did so was back in March 2018, when they put the figure at 124,000.

    That's larger than some of the more pessimistic guesstimates, but way down on the peak of nearly three million that the party boasted in the early 1950s.


    Brexiteer entryists may have pushed that number up, natural wastage has surely pushed it down.

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    I wonder if anyone has told Michael, apart from his wife, that calling a referendum and campaigning for Brexit without a plan was an even bigger f**king mistake.

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    I think he knows. The letter shows that the commissioners/champions for cycling & walking in Britain's six largest cities have been listening to what Oliver has been telling them for quite some time.

    It is a pity that the press reports focus on painted cycle lanes when they are just one example of the incompetence and intransigence of the Department for Transport and its ministers over many years.

    Everyone knows that the DfT is unfit for purpose and needs a good kicking. It's good to see some city officials putting the boot in. Their letter is worth reading:


    We ask that the Department for Transport change their appraisal methods to focus on efficient use of road space and total people movement, rather than being based around capacity and journey times for vehicles.

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    Yes. Streatham is now a Lib Dem seat.
    In the 2010 elections Umunna won 42.8% for Labour followed by 35.8% for Lib Dems. That was before the Lib Dems suicide pact with Cameron, clearly Umunna sees this change of party as his best chance of surviving in Parliament.

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    The PM with the shortest time in office was George Canning, a dedicated anti European

    'Our foreign policy cannot be conducted against the will of the nation.'

    At least he had the decency to die in office before putting his policy into practice.

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    The RHS research suggested nematode biological controls, the BBC article doesn't mention slug pellets


    Nothing else does it quite as well as slug pellets.

    oh and salt :)

    The RHS does list 'safe' chemicals and mentions those to be banned from gardens next year https://www.rhs.org.uk/science/articles/­Stop-slugs-and-snails

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    I would place a bet on Rory Stewart being leader of the Tories. The one after whoever gets the job next. He could be the leader of the Tories after the next election when they are the third or fourth largest party in parliament.

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    Beer traps work in the sense that they fill up with dead/dying smelly slugs but they don't stop more coming.
    The only remedy that seems to work well is biological control with tiny nematode worms which eat their way into slugs.
    See https://www.agricentre.basf.co.uk/en/Pro­ducts/Overview/Nemaslug%C2%AE.html Problem is that Nemaslug is unavailable in the UK at the moment. Usually it sells for £13-15 for a small pack. One Ebay seller has it for £15.95 with delivery around 27th June, another has it for delivery in two days at £120.39 !