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    cool, found his vimeo. got what i need. ta

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    Yep, mr. do was the first person I looked for. :)

    I was trying to find his "world class polo" video, the one that was just a big crash compilation. It's not on youtube anymore, or at least i can't find it.

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    I thought it would be easy to find videos or gifs of people jack-knifing off a bikes, but I'm struggling. All of the videos I find online have talented people playing at tournaments without obvious jack-knifes or atleast without some sort of other player interference causing it.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some good ones?

    I made a calculator that finds all possible states in which a bike will jack-knife.

    I'm doing a write-up on how it works but I can't find any good videos of the thing I'm trying to explain. Can any polo people help?

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    Sure, can do.

    It's easy enough. I've got a milling machine so it's just a game of plotting out the holes in XY and mounting it to an old axle.

    Email me at colin.woof hotmail uk or insta DM me and i'll figure out what i can do for getting one made up. (Email or insta is easiest as I don't keep up to date with messages on lfgss)


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    I finally got round to finishing this off. I needed to make a disc-mount tab welding jig to position a disc brake. It took me an entire month to get around to it.

    It's nice to finally have two brakes.

    I'm really happy with this one. It's taken a bunch of iterations of cargo-frames but I have the handling absolutely dialled.

    as always, more here if interested:

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    I know Ahearne sorted the handling on his cycletruck by raising the rack. But now his rack's so high you could practically fit a 26" wheel underneath. blech

    Cycle-trucks are cool, but once you get past the cool-factor they're an evolutionary dead end.

    Linkage steering is the way forward!

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    I very much care about matching the original geometry. Using a crown with a larger height gives the top tube a slight slope, very annoying to me.

    how much extra length are we talking here? Because the toptube angle change from even a large fork length adjustment will be barely perceptible.

    as a general rule, 20mm of fork length equates to around 1 degree of angle-change on the toptube.

    I would argue that even a 1 degree angle is imperceptible by eye and this is using our extreme example of fork length change.

    In this situation, realistically you'll be grinding out the fork to achieve somewhere in the region of 5mm fork-length change. This is a quarter of a degree of angle change on the toptube.

    You should listen to your builder and trust them. Because right now you're focussing on something that is inconsequential and irrelevant

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    find test rides if you can. two wheels handle way better than 3. bullit, douze, reise and muller all good.

    Avoid Urban Arrow, really really heavy for what they are, and expensive.