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Fixation London is developing a new brand of stylish and affordable bicycles to help people who live in urban areas and students get around cheaper, healthier and quicker by focusing on the details that matter and selling the best bicycle possible for £300-£400 pounds.

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    Hi All,

    Hope this is the right place to post this message.

    I am looking for one or two fixed gear riders who can perform a number of freestyle tricks for an event in our shop in Central London. We are holding an event exclusively for Timeout and would love to have a couple of people in to put on some entertainment and perform any tricks that are possible to do in a fairly small space (approx 700sqft).

    We will of course pay for people's time.

    Please get in touch at info@fixation-london.co.uk if you'd be interested!


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    Hi All,

    This is a fairly similar post to some I've seen in this forum so apologies if this is of no interest.

    Fixation London is a new brand of Fixed Gear/SingleSpeed bicycle launching into the market at the end of this year. We won't bore you with details here but some information can be found on all usual social media and our preview site is http://www.fixation-london.co.uk

    We are looking to create a trendy brand video to show off what we are all about. Key things to know:

    • Based in London
    • Couple of riders (guy and girl preferably) going around town past key landmarks having fun and doing some cool stuff on bikes
    • Cool intro/outro
    • Nice music over the top
    • We have 2 camera men and Go Pros for 1st person shots lined up

    So nothing revolutionary but should be good fun for the day. We are looking at shooting for a full day on 16th of November (it's a Sunday), and after a couple of days editing we will get it online.

    We are looking for guys an girls who are decent and comfortable having fun on a bike but not looking for 'experts' necessarily. We will of course cover expenses and can pay you a small amount. (Sadly as a start up we can't afford any expensive day rates).

    If this sound like fun then drop us an email at info@fixation-london.co.uk to find out some more information.

    Thanks All!