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    Can hardly wait for the post this morning!

    @pdlouche, can you print on both sides of the window sticker ones? Hypothetically speaking would a sticker that said “I’m a cunt” on the outside and “you’re a cunt” on the inside be possible? Might be useful for slapping into the windscreens of cunts who need reminding of their cuntiness as well as a warning to others of the cuntiness within?

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    Jonny69 1x PI neon pink 1x neon green
    Aroogah - 2 x PI in Neon Pink and 2 x Clint Neon Orange
    zazkar 3x PI variety of best colours please
    Mark - 3x PI neon pink, neon lime, reflective. If the mix is a pita dealers choice.
    aglet - 3×PI — pink, reflective silver & a surprise please
    paininthe - x3 variety
    moocher - 3x PI + 2x Clint dealers choice
    ElGonzo - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    ArfurPill - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    Citron - 5x PI in Neon Pink
    Doubleodavey - 2x PI + 3x Clint dealers choice
    'your pal' fizzy bleach - 2x PI (pink and orange)
    Baz schmaz 2X neon pink Clint. + 2 reflective silver clints. + 1 surprise.
    PornishCasty - 3x PI in Pink, Lime & reflective please!
    Black math - 1 x PI in pink, 2x Clint in pink
    Scoot - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    si_mon628 - 1x PI in pink, 1x PI in orange, 1x PI in lime. Thanks!
    Kdregg- 2 x PI in lime 1 PI in pink
    cgg - 2x PI in pink, 2x Clint in orange
    Amey - 1x PI in Neon Pink 1x PI in reflective
    M_V 2x PI, 2x Clint. Whichever colours come to hand first please.
    DethBeard - 2xPI (Neon Pink and Reflective)
    dsalmon x3 hot hot pink
    stelfox 3x hot pink
    reulbg 2x hot pink, please
    punkture 3x neon pink 2x Clint in pink
    meneer 5x PI pls, 3 neon pink and 2 reflective silver
    sinthewood 5x PI variety pack
    knowthejo 1 x Pl Neon Pink 1 x Pl Neon Lime
    Adroit. 5xPI of your choice / whatever you have.
    Zed - 5xPI of your choice / whatever you have
    2slices - 4xPI happy with a mix of fluorescent colours.
    Samuelson - 3xPI, Lime, Orange and silver if poss. But happy with whatever you have

    Clipon- 3 x PI, in any colour left please

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    I want to ride the South Downs way with a mate and I’m told I need a mountain bike

    Can I borrow yours? I’ll need it for 3 days I reckon and I’ll bring it back extra clean, does £50 sound reasonable? I’ll bring my own pedals and saddle. I take good care of my bikes and very good care of other peoples but obviously happy to leave a deposit/another bike as security

    I’m 6’3 so I need an L or XL, preferably a hard tail and something relatively nice as I’ll be sitting on it for hours


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    Looking to build up a pub bike and I need a frame to start with

    Ideally 1” steerer with a 56,57 or 58cm seat tube, drilled for both brakes, track dropouts and clearance for a 28mm tyre. (Or 27” wheels I guess, an old style path racer would be lovely)

    Not hugely fussed about condition and always on the lookout for something interesting

    I do have a couple of forks around so might be interested in frame alone

    Also on the lookout for a decentish flip flop wheel set


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    I'm very interested in this, what size riders does it suit? how much would shipping cost do you think? It's late, I'll pm in the morning, thanks

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    Easy option might be pedals with a higher stack height and shoe inserts? Obviously not ideal to move your feet miles away but you might get an extra 10mm, sort of turning a 165mm crank into a 155mm. Might be cheaper and there's a much wider selection of cranks

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    Dibs possum please