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    🎉 Thanks for organising. Stuff arrived this morning and it’s superb!

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    Thanks for these! Yes please

    1) cozey Medium, Black
    2) Alan_tbt medium black, large grey
    3) GoatandTricycle Medium, Grey x 2 Large, Grey x 1
    4) stelfox
    5) doubleodavey
    6) Big_Ted
    7) miro_o
    8) ltc
    9) fussballclub
    10) mrJL
    11) Po medium/grey
    12) MicroDosed™
    13) Pmccee
    14) bonk - medium black x 3
    15) PhilDAS - medium olive
    16) roboto
    17) snoops
    18) HarryK
    19) disq Medium, Dark Olive
    20) ghostface Medium, Olive
    21) cjr
    22) amey
    23) dayday (medium, olive)
    24) M4xime, medium grey
    25) Thrustvector
    26) Fieldmouse (medium, grey)
    27) pacef8
    28) Hamham
    29) mobe (medium, black)
    30) swmlon (large, olive)
    31) ILb
    32) luft
    33) Oooooshuaia (medium, olive)
    34) miloas
    35) FourGreenFields
    36) Merak (medium, olive)
    37) iamalex (medium, olive)
    38) LeMesjeu: (medium, grey)
    39) urbs
    40) EstelleGetty
    41) LukeG
    42) alex_s Medium/Black
    43) thegreatbelow
    44) Lolo
    45) jb72
    46) Acliff
    47) S_b
    48) jackincaves (medium, olive)
    49) Mucker
    50) djc
    51) rj
    52) Chalfie (medium black)
    53) motoko (medium olive)
    54) TotalShanner Large, Olive
    55) gillies Large, Grey
    56) WilliamJohn (Large, Black)
    57) vneilv
    58) Crumbs
    59) ElGonzo
    60) apc (medium, olive)
    61) bodz (medium, olive)
    62) dglshrn (medium, black)
    63) bossman (large grey)
    64) lowbrows (medium, grey)
    65) Jameo (medium grey)
    66) GrimpeurG (Medium, olive)
    67) greeno (medium olive
    68) xDOMx (medium olive + medium grey)
    69) Seager (medium olive)
    70) Rik_Van_Looy (medium black)
    71) Saffronspokes (medium grey)
    72) Jono84 (medium, black)
    73) jaeyukdapbap (medium, black)

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    Laying out graphics to slap on a bottle after a day of work or on a rainy weekend is easy.

    Taking payment, packing, posting and administering a couple hundred orders after a day of work isn't. That's why that caps thread went on for years...

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    Nope - easy peasy.

    Mudguards on the other hand...

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    I have success with the velo orange canti one. You’ll have to infer from the poor res on the photo whether you think it’s a good fit though...

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    It’s decent. More suited to planning road rides as red is where most traffic occurs. Not sure what other colour lesser used paths could be? Yellows and greens would get lost in forested and non forested areas. Can apply it over the top of any of the maps. Example attached of standard ridewithgps maps and os cycle maps.

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    Pm incoming for Schwalbe X-one's

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    Thumbs up! Thanks dude. Yeah, will deffo shout if nothing comes of it but we've kinda fallen in love with the photos and vids so hopefully just meeting him seals the deal.

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    Ah yeah, we're hoping to meet him just as soon as lockdown lifts but do follow up - Furious Tiles' parents had been ace at answering questions and they're doing such a good job with him. He deserves to go to the best home that wants him and you may well be the person to offer that.

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    Yeah, been watching along too. The bike looks great - fingers crossed all the plug and play racks and bags and stuff they’ve been working on match up.