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    Not long after 5pm is the plan. I finish early and the chippy from what I understand is quickish food opposed to fast food. What time suits you? And @Ruserius and @cagimaha

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    There's a fish and chip shop in Ingatestone. I'll be leaving with time to spare to grab some food there. It's getting rave reviews on Google Maps:

    "Normally somewhere does either fish and chips well or kebabs well, but this place does both."

    "Great food"

    "Possibly the best fish and chips in the whole wide world.."

    "You could feed two adults and a child from their "medium " size kebab."

    "It's ok take away"

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    Train out:

    1) middleofnowhere
    2) On1

    Ride out:

    1) Rod_Munch
    2) cagimaha
    3) jaeyukdapbap

    Using YAL's route out from last year to get out. We both seem to be in the midst of a game of 'share an inappropriate route'. Will this be the route that breaks through the deadlock and gets someone to a ride on time and stress free??? Watch this space!


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    TNRC ride Thursday gone. Fits beautifully.

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    I would have loved to have taught someone like you when I was teaching DT - I only ever ended up with students who wanted to make something to store their xbox games which they could plaster their favourite football team's logo all over! Well done for having the maturity to try and start something that could actually make the world a little bit better.

    Assumingly the project demands you to design something with an electronic aspect to it. The questions of power source up thread are very valid. Everybody who cycles has had that moment where they're about to leave work, school, uni, whatever to realise it's mid winter and dark and they've forgotten to charge their lights so have to wait around for 20 mins to get enough charge in to get home/nip to the shop and spend their last fiver on batteries... Get some extra marks for including some smart materials - reflectives, electronic thread, etc...

    The safety question is interesting - Is this to replace the arm out signal, or to support it with extra visability? When I taught Bikeability, a large barrier for some picking up a bike again in their 40/50/60s having not used one since they were young, was the fact they didn't feel comfortable raising their hand away from the bike controls - brakes, steering, etc. Could it be a useful tool for teaching bike training? Taking students out on the road, the trainer's leading and backstopping (doing the functional indicating to traffic) a group of students could show they're indicating even if they're not comfortable to take their hand away from the handlebars - getting them out onto the road sooner to keep the learning experience interesting... Again, could be useful for someone with a disability which makes the arm out signalling motion difficult.

    As will become clear, lots of people have tried to do similar things already, putting indicators into bikes, helmets, clothes, etc. And arms don't tend to fail. People here might not realise the limitations of the course you're studying but, if you're mature and keep coming back with progress and ask for advice you'll get loads of wisdom (and some bluntness) on here, which can be used as feedback throughout your project and will go a long way to getting you a mega grade, regardless as to how successful the end product is.

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    Gravelly paths are en vogue, non?

    Still no idea why you cycled through a field though...

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    I’ll chat to the guy. He’s super sound. Think there might be the option of having a preorder link soon now that a batch has been done so people can just order individually and he can roll them into bigger batches as and when he’s ready. Will let you know!

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    Flash a light on them when they’re in a dark place. The stars in the night sky really glisten. And make sure you come out on a Thursday ride when you’ve got them on - I want a photo of a bunch of them reflecting away on a dark country lane.