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    I had a response. Not sure if just a telling off is what I wanted but at least an action is being taken.

    "Thanks for your feedback form of 16 March about the poor standard of driving on bus route 22.

    I’m very sorry that the bus driver has driven so dangerously. I understand how distressing this must’ve been for you.

    I’ve brought your complaint to the attention of Go-Ahead London, the bus operating company that runs this route for us. With the information you’ve provided, the driver will be identified and be interviewed by a manager

    When a complaint like this is made, a manager will call the driver in for an interview. After this, based on the findings, appropriate action will be taken.

    The route operators have a range of disciplinary measures which can be taken, depending on the incident and the individual's disciplinary record.

    We continue to monitor driving performance, to ensure that high standards are maintained. Every month we carry out over 600 Driver Quality Monitoring surveys. This provides us with technical assessments of their driving skills. Drivers are assessed on acceleration and braking, as well as the use of mirrors, doors and road positioning.

    We also work closely with London police forces, local authorities and other relevant organisations, to make our city's roads safer for everyone. Bus drivers are highly trained by the operator which employs them, to run their vehicle safely and competently at all times

    Thanks again for contacting us. If there is anything else we can help you with, please reply to this email. Alternatively, you can call us on 0343 222 1234 and we’ll be happy to help you."

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    Good god yes!

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    3) Scrabble
    4) cgg

    Ride out:
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    Does anyone know where to report a near miss from a bus to TfL? One of em took exception to me riding two abreast with a work friend on a two lane road on the way home so decided to honk at us and then try and run us both into the curb. Have go pro footage with number plates, serial numbers etc and drivers face... My googlefu seems weak. Can't find a TfL reporting site.

    Edit: Found it! custserv.tfl.gov.uk/icss_csip/re­setSession2.do?Standalone=yes&showmodule­name=false

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    I've got a cateye volt 400 (the old model) which I use on these. About 3 hours on full beam but I find mid beam plenty bright. USB charging and you can get extra batteries which can be charged up and screwed on if needed. They've really dropped in price. Might have to grab a spare myself.

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    Hey @Miitch
    Well done! You’ve produced a really lovely product that has no doubt been an excellent learning experience. I’ll give you some feedback as a 30yo male living and renting in London where space to store (I have 3) bikes is a massive issue in my life as I can’t afford too much in the way of rent. To add, a former DT teacher (product and graphic design) and currently working as a graphic designer. There are some flaws which have been stated above – the logo will get dirty and can’t really be seen, you can only store one bike and if you’re selling to a UK market (dealing with UK weather), the lack of accommodation for a full length rear mud guard is an oversight. However, it does look like a nice piece of furniture with agreeable shapes and lines (especially the curves for wheels) and for someone who only owns one bike, does offer an all in one solution for bike, clothing and equipment and would be a good use of space. Rather than a home storage solution I could see these better suited to an exhibition stand – holding a RCC branded show bike, showing off RCC shoes, helmets, gloves, etc in the open shelves, maybe a few stands in a row. The main cupboard compartments could be used for the staff working on the show stand to store flyers, handouts, freebies, etc. Lots of people would no doubt like to give you feedback here. Maybe write a few questions asking people their gender, age, occupation, stuff about how much they cycle, etc along with questions about what they think of the stand maybe one for each of ACCESS FM (if your teachers use that?). You’ll get a much better evaluation if you can back up who’s saying what. I’m sure people would PM you if they’re not happy to say in public what their age is or what they do for a living or any of that. Good luck dude!

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    @Cords have PM'ed. Still about. Hope to hear from you.

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    Not this week but would be so happy for an early start to the season!

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    Thanks for posting @Howard. Survey filled in. Go through here everyday. It's lovely but the path is only really wide enough for 3 cyclists - encouraging you to speed up to get past slow coaches before someone coming the other way attempts the same. It pretty much makes you go faster than the advised 12mph - especially the impatient types. Much like the new plan the markings aren't great either. It's not that surprising that groups of tourist meander all over path not really acknowledging the white lines mean bikes are about. The gravel does sound fun though!