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    Yes it came with the conveyancing package. I am about to claim so I will let you know how it goes.

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    Halifax. They give £1000 cashback on completion which helps. Apparently if I cancel everything they will refund the £1500. Tempted to cancel everything, claim as much as I can on fallthrough insurance and start with a blank slate.

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    Update 2: Seller pulled out. I called her directly, and she said she just changed her mind last minute. So, after a £200 mortgage valuation fee, a £1500 mortgage fee, $430 survey, £925 solicitor fees for work done to date our seller just changed her mind. Solicitor did take out insurance for £1500 for fall through protection, which might be laden with tricks when we attempt to claim.

    Have just asked mortgage broker if we could port mortgage to another house if we find one in next couple of months. She has said yes, but we have to pay her £500 fee if we want to (the initial mortgage broker offer was free, but I think she realises she has us by the balls).

    Any advice?

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    Update: Estate agent called today and informed us vendor is sick with anxiety and so is pulling the house off the market because of our unwillingness to have a 10 week gap between exchange and completion.

    I said if the vendor is happy to complete in 2 weeks we are happy to exchange contracts now, otherwise we'll wait until October if she is planning on renovating the house she is moving to. For this estate agent told me I was "out of order". I thanked him calmly and wished him well.

    I don't understand some people!

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    I don't like bladed grinders very much. Krups do a cheap burr grinder I recently bought. I was initially unhappy with the fine grind setting as I wasn't getting a fine enough grind to produce the marbled crema on the espresso, so I basically forced the fineness knob towards fine trying to will it better - I felt a snap and the knob gave way. Turned it 90 degrees beyond the most fine setting - perfect grind, perfect extraction.

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    I'm looking for some advice.

    We made an offer on our first home. At the time, the estate agent said the seller was buying a family member's house so there is a chain but not the worst possible chain.

    2 months in, after we have done, and paid for, all the searches, conveyancing, survey etc, we have found out through the seller's conveyancer that the vendor wants to exchange contracts now, and complete in 2 months because she needs to renovate the house she is moving in to. She didn't want to start until we were tied down.

    I am quite annoyed by this because it seems the estate agent told the vendor we would be fine with this then roped us in by not revealing this to us until we had invested our money.

    I have refused to have a 2 month gap between exchange and completion. I am not happy to insure a property while I don't live there, and take on the added risk of a crisis (e.g. mortgage being withdrawn or being made redundant during the gap) meaning I forfeit the exchange deposit.

    Am I being reasonable here? I feel like we're in a bit of a deadlock and everyone has gone quiet. Where do we go from here?