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    Sold to @PereUbu.

    Enjoy the ride.

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    Thank you for nice comments everyone! To answer your requests:
    @wayaway Cranks with chainring £100
    @T0mg which set of bars? Nitto can do for £60 (pearl + B125AA) or Eastons with shit stem for £40

    All hangs on what @plus_one is willing to offer. I'd take £300 for frameset with headset and kashimax protector.

    Edit: If I'm being a cnut and prices are mad, just let me know what your offer is.

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    Hi all,
    With a heavy heart I have my Maruishi NJS track sled for sale. Since moving out from London, I was riding this beauty less and less until it was nothing but a decoration for my entrance hall. I've come to conclusion that this little purple torpedo is better off with someone who will keep shredding like Mr Suzuki and I once did.
    I am the first owner since the bike's retirement from the Japanese Keirin circuit where it raced under Shinji Suzuki since 1991. That is when the bike was first made. Many years later, I imported the frameset with the help of Toshi San from NJS Export.
    I've built the bike up at the now deceased Cycle PS Battersea, using as many NJS parts as possible, without making the bike shit for street riding and skids. Parts are:
    -Maruishi NJS frame and fork (dent hiding under Kashima protector)
    -Kashima Top Tube protector
    -Hatta Swan Deluxe NJS Headset
    -Nitto Pearl 90mm NJS Stem
    -Nitto B125AA NJS Bars
    -Shitmano 80mm quill stem
    -OG Easton Carbon Monkey Bar lite
    Wheels :
    -TB14 rims
    -Shimano Dura Ace 7600 Njs hubs
    -DT Swiss Competition spokes
    -DT Swiss Brass Nipples
    -S-works 24c tyre front
    -Conti Gatorskin Hardshell 23c rear tyre
    -Shimano FC-7600 NJS crankset 165mm
    -Sugino Cubic (Pubic) NJS Chainring 51T
    -Izumi Super Toughness NJS chain
    -EAI 18T Sprocket
    -Campag centaur bb ISO taper (not JIS that fucks track chain sets)
    -Kyokuto Ace NJS Pedas
    -MKS NJS clips
    -Toshi NJS single strap in red
    -Ariake Nipon saddle
    -Planet seX fluted seat post 27.2mm
    I think that is all the parts. Please note, that as far as I know, this is one of the two Maruishi track frames in UK, so great if you want to be original and special like I was!

    £600 ono
    Willing to split with enough interest

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    Was about to go to bed and have some sexy times, but don't need to bother anymore. Just jizzed seeing this thread instead. Njs levels over 9000.

    Btw. What spoke nipples does one get to complete an NJS build?

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    Nice! Not bad for a beater. I've been trashing my bike a little and feel bad for it so could do with another for abuse.

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    @UTVACW Cheers! Just noticed your answer. I'm in Aberystwyth so kind of fuk all here. Mad climbs and descends if you're into near death experiences. :P Will keep an eye on the respective FB pages. Hopefully I can come down one day and go for a ride with you guys.

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    Hey everyone. Are there any plans to have a valentines' eve ride on Saturday 13th? I know it's a little early but I need to know soon. Cheers :)