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    Anyone got some shoes?

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    I’ve owned both a R3 and a S3 with this geo and had to run a a similar low stack cover to get a normal position. The pro team bikes from that era all seems to run even more extreme stem/bar combos to get low enough too.

    I think the reason is because, although it’s a pro level bike, ultimately Cervelo (any everyone else) need to sell bikes to rich middle aged men, and having pros riding the bikes is just a means to advertise them to the aforementioned middle aged men.

    Anyway, apologies for the derail. It’s a great frame and one of the smoothest bikes I’ve ridden even with 23mm tyres. I’d quite like my old R3 back!

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    Interesting Histo on eBay...

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    1) cozey Medium, Black
    2) Alan_tbt medium black, large grey
    3) GoatandTricycle Medium, Grey x 2 Large, Grey x 1
    4) stelfox
    5) doubleodavey Medium / Black
    6) Big_Ted (Large/Grey please)
    7) miro_o
    8) ltc (1x medium, black 1x large, black and 1x large, olive)
    9) fussballclub Medium / Black
    10) mrJL
    11) Po medium/grey
    12) MicroDosed™ Medium/Olive (Large poppy patch)
    13) Pmccee - large olive
    14) bonk - medium black x 3
    15) PhilDAS - medium olive
    16) roboto
    17) snoops - large black
    18) HarryK Medium, Olive
    19) disq Medium, Dark Olive
    20) ghostface Medium, Olive
    21) cjr
    22) amey (Large poppy patch)
    23) dayday (medium, olive)
    24) M4xime, medium grey
    25) Thrustvector (large, black)
    26) Fieldmouse (medium, grey)
    27) pacef8
    28) Hamham (Medium, Black)
    29) mobe (medium, black)
    30) swmlon (large, olive)
    31) ILb
    32) luft (medium, olive)
    33) Oooooshuaia (medium, olive)
    34) miloas (medium, olive + large, grey)
    35) FourGreenFields
    36) Merak (medium, olive)
    37) iamalex (medium, olive)
    38) LeMesjeu: (medium, grey)
    39) urbs (medium, grey + large, olive)
    40) EstelleGetty
    41) LukeG (medium, black)
    42) alex_s Medium/Black
    43) thegreatbelow (large, olive)
    44) Lolo Medium/Grey
    45) jb72
    46) Acliff
    47) S_b
    48) jackincaves (medium, olive)
    49) Mucker
    50) djc (medium, olive)
    51) rj
    52) Chalfie (medium black)
    53) motoko (medium olive)
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    63) bossman (large grey)
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    67) greeno (medium olive
    68) xDOMx (medium olive + medium grey)
    69) Seager (medium olive)
    70) Rik_Van_Looy (medium black)
    71) Saffronspokes (medium grey)
    72) Jono84 (medium, black)
    73) jaeyukdapbap (medium, black)
    74) Tootalltim (medium grey)
    75) samdaniel (medium, olive)
    76) pastry_bot (medium, olive)
    77) Arvy (Large, Olive) pls
    78) 1to9 (Large, Olive)
    79) youramericanlover (medium, olive)
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    I’ve got an apex groupset with a medium cage mech and rival shifters

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    Ive got a 172.5mm Shimano 105 5800 crankset with quite a lot of heel rub, which I’ll be listing for sale soon