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    Doesnt look like a III, i have a III and it has a pop up flash which your one doesnt. This looks like the first one.

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    Bag is currently dibsed, will let you know if it becomes available.
    Kindle sold

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    Hey bud, it's one of these, I can take a photo of my one but its literally the same

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    Moving out of the country temporarily so getting rid of stuff that I found lying around. COllection only, no posting. N7 area.
    Will post rest of the photos tomorrow


    Black Brooks Cambium C15 Saddle - £70
    Not for me, prefer the leather Brooks. No scuffs. Still looking nice.

    Black Thomson x2 Road Stem 100x17x31.8 - £35
    Barely used, looks new. No scuffs or scratches.

    Black BigxTop Mini Messenger Bag - £35

    J&L Titanium Brompton Seatpost - £35
    Dont have a Brompton anymore.

    Dr Martens 1460 Black Smooth Boots Size 9 8-eye - £60
    Barely used as it feels too big for me.

    Kindle Paperwhite 1 - £25
    Light bleed at the bottom of the screen, not sure how it happened, but everything seems to be working fine.
    Selling due to getting an Oasis.

    28" HANNS-G HZ281HPB LCD Monitor Black 1920x1200 - £50
    Working as intended, no dead pixels.

    Silverstone RV03 Case - £50
    Moved on to mitx build, no need for this massive case anymore.

    Apple stuff - Selling due to moving to the whole android/google ecosystem.

    White iPhone XS 64GB with Original Apple Brown Leather Case - £775
    Got receipt from John Lewis
    ~~Case has a nice used patina colour on it now, no scratches or scuffs on the iPhone at all. ~~Clean as a whistle.
    Comes with original box, charger, and one time used earpods to test the fit if the airpods was for me.

    Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 38mm - Space Grey with Black Sport Band - £200
    Will come with Original box, charger, original strap, and a black nylon sport loop band.

    Apple Airpods - £90
    Used as much as the iPhone, scuffs on the case, but nothing broken.
    Cant seem to find the box for it. Will come with original cable.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 m3 128gb/4gb/WiFi - £400
    Original Suface Pro 4 type cover Keyboard
    Surface Pen (Might need battery changing but it seems to still work)
    Original Microsoft charger
    Microsoft 1661 Surface dock

    'New' Nintendo 3DS XL (Discontinued) Metallic Black in Box 4gb SC card - £90
    ~~It's called 'new' officially, but it's used, just so you know. ~~
    With 2 games, Monster hunter 4 Generations and Dragon Quest VIII
    Original Nintendo Charger and a Nintendo Charging Dock

    Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones Black - £100
    Cant find the box. Comes as it is. Working as intended with no issues.
    Comes with extra ear tips for size s/m/l.

    Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch - £75
    Totally forgot I had this watch after I moved on to Fitbits.
    Comes with Blue Strap with Samsung Charger
    Working as intended, works with your android phones.

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    This is nice, would've taken it off you if not for the size. GLWS

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    I might have a kindle paperwhite that im not using since upgrading to oasis. I'll have to find it when i get home if still interested.