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    Watched Shot Caller on Netflix. Very modern looking but weird white supremacist, prison heist revenge movie. Quite enjoyed it.

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    Off the LLL topic as well, but this lettering has been driving me nuts for days

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    ha ha, right on cue

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    Republicans are complete nut-jobs. Why would you block a federal $300 a week unemployment benefit for your own state's citizens?

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    Favourite Philip Seymour Hoffman role?

    Off the top of my head his part in the otherwise average Charlie Wilson's War was brilliant.

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    This is the sort of shit that is getting circulated round our way on a regular basis:

    Stop The Road Closures March & Petition to Open Up Our Streets

    With the increase in crime, anti social behaviour, drug dealing &
    taking in our area; the restricted access for emergency services
    (police have informed residents they have cut down patrols due to road
    closures & ambulances have reported several delays to critical patient
    attendance.) The long detours disabled & vulnerable residents &
    children are having to make to access GPs, hospital & the SEND bus.
    The affect on small businesses in the area not only along Columbia Rd
    but Old Bethnal Green Rd too, the erratic rubbish collection as the
    refuse vehicles cannot safely access roads such as Quilter Street as
    well as the manufactured congestion these road blocks are causing on
    Hackney Rd & Bethnal Green Rd which now at most times of the day are
    static 'car parks' of idling traffic.

    Its time to say ENOUGH!

    Liveable Streets scheme is a HUGE failure. Our streets must be
    re-opened and the scheme suspended, as the Fire Brigade said in an
    email, "in the event someone dies." The police have said "our access
    into and through the area is severely restricted and would affect the
    response to any incident be it Police, Fire, or Ambulance.” Very
    worrying as every Sunday the Columbia Road Flower Market is high on
    the potential terror target list!

    Please sign and share this petition (if you live, work or study in the


    And join the crowds from Hackney, Islington & Tower Hamlets this
    Saturday 26th June marching to demand councils 'Stop The Road
    Closures' If you can't or are unable to join the demo at the beginning
    then local Bethnal Green residents can meet in Ion Square at 1.30pm to
    join the march as it makes it way down Hackney Rd.

    Let's tell Tower Hamlets Council Liveable Streets is' Not Working, Not
    Green, Not Wanted!'

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    I guess that's what I'm not fully understanding. What happened in this by-election for Labour to only get 622 votes? If they were going to stand aside for the Lib Dems, why field a candidate? And if they fielded a candidate but didn't campaign, who's decision was it to not campaign? And if they did campaign and only got 622 votes ... well

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    This is really good news! Was it just the local party or did it come from HQ? I thought previous Labour policy was to contest every seat, but if they are moving towards accepting (even informally) a progressive alliance, then great news indeed.

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    Sorry I wasn't following that by-election, did Labour stand aside? But they still fielded a candidate?