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    Well I requested 373mm a-c but when I mentioned that I wanted clearance for 32mm plus guards Jacek said that to achieve that it might be a few mm more than 373 which I am happy with, don't think it will affect it too much.

    I originally said clearance for ~700x38. I might have been able to squeeze 32 and guards in with the original geo but obviously a frame builder wants to err on the side of caution with requests for clearance.

    It will be made from 631 blades, I guess it will probably be around a kilo, not too concerned about weight.

    @jaeyukdapbap I love that paint job, wish I could have got one of those.

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    I ordered an Allday too, bit of a delay in shipping but should be here next week. Getting a disc fork built by Orlowski and going to use it as my fixed commuter. I was too late to get a black one so I ordered the copper version, which I'm not 100% sure about but we will see. Excited to build and it and ride it though.

    Do you have yours in your possession yet and have you ridden it?

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    Interested in the story of how that car got there.

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    Wait, are the wheels still available? I'm a bit confused

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    Glad you're finally getting out of this shitty shitty situation.

    Good luck for the future.

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    Always happy to see an update on this thread.

    Interesting and good looking stuff, as always.

    Looks a pretty narrow range of gears on the cargo though, have you ridden it loaded heavy yet?

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    Ye I'll take them, I'll PM you.

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    Does the chainring fit the cranks? I'll take the cranks anyway but if so I'll take both.

    Are the quill stems for sale? Are any of them 26mm clamp?