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    I'd recommend investing in a better mat. Thermarest neoair x therm would do you well. It's got a decent pack size and it will make a huge difference compared to your foam pad. I used an "entry level" terra nova in some very cold nights (-15 to -20) and managed to sleep, and then wake up in the morning. Get off the ground.

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    Profile Stoker bars are 44cm.

    List updated to show sold items.

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    OK, so this is my clearout. I live near Amersham, at the end of the Met line. So you are welcome to collect, I will be in London tomorrow Saturday but after that I'm not sure. So I can post items at your cost. Feel free to ask questions, and if any prices seem unreasonable then let me know. Thanks.

    Photos are just too big for the forum this is the link to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nsowdfvd9zly9­mg/AAAauMEUSXSz1Zmii-fqe-hNa?dl=0

    Sugino 46T chainring 144 (around 300 miles) - SOLD
    Stronglight 48T chainring 144 (under 50 miles) - £15
    New and boxed Shimano BB UN-55 68mm 115mm - SOLD
    Shimano 18T sprocket with guard for internal gear hub (CS-S500) - £10
    Shimano 16T freewheel (SF-MX30) - £10
    New Miche Z16T sprocket (no carrier) - £6
    Profile Design 26 Stoker Bullhorn bars (with internal cabling) 44cm - £15
    New and unopened Euro-Asia Imports Superstar 18T sprocket 1/2 x 1/8 - £40
    New Clarks all weather brake pad inserts - £5
    GUB flat bars with adjustable angle stem - £10
    New - IceToolz single speed chain whip - £10
    Vision TT brake levers - SOLD
    3T 120mm stem (+/- 10 degrees) 25.8mm clamp, 1-1/8 steerer - £10
    Deda No Logo 90mm stem (+/- 10 degrees?) 25.9mm clamp, 1-1/8 steerer - £10
    Tacx bottle cage saddle mount (3 positions) - SOLD
    Elite red and white bottle cage pair - £5
    Vision clip on TT bars for 26mm bars - SOLD
    2x opened but unused KMC 3/32 chains. Only one magic link. - SOLD
    Shimano 105 Brake caliper black - SOLD
    Shimano 105 Brake caliper grey - SOLD
    New - lifeline red/black bar tape - SOLD
    Shimano touring SPD pedals (no play) - SOLD
    Elite bottle cage ties (couple bolts missing) - £4
    Quick release lever pair - £4
    Mavic CXP front wheel 700cc with Infinity 700x32 tyre, lots of tread on tyre lots of braking surface on rim. - £30
    H Plus Son rim built on to 32H System EX double fixed hub by respected wheel builder in Plymouth (Velo Smith). Never seen a brake pad. Comes with GP 4 season tyre with a couple of small holes but lots of tread left. Comes with 18T hard wearing sprocket. Wheel has done less than 300 miles, tyre less than that. - £70
    Large (64cm old geometry) Raleigh frame and forks. Powder coated black by previous owner (not done anything with it since I bought it). Comes with seat post, stem and bars. Also with BB, though haven't ridden so not sure if it needs replacing. - £50
    Groupset from 1984 Raleigh bike. Wheels also available (for no extra). Rear sprocket still on wheel as I was too lazy to remove it and now haven't got the tools with me to do it. Custom A cranks, Wienmann brakes, Simplex derailleurs, Selle Royal saddle. - £30

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    Hey Cycleclinic, thanks for the reply.

    This is the BB I ordered http://www.wiggle.co.uk/miche-primato-tr­ack-bottom-bracket/?sku=5360331215, I'm not sure if that is ISO or JIS taper. I don't have a campagnolo BB tool so I walked it to my lbs to get it fitted and didn't pay much attention. In the QandA on wiggle for the BB it says the cups are adjustable, so that may mean it's the ISO taper right? But then perhaps I could adjust them (at the lbs) to get the right chain line?

    I just spent about an hour trying to manufacture a shim from some old store cards, but it seems the sprocket is greedy and even though there was plenty of thread showing the sprocket slipped under stress straight away. I reduced the shims to about 1.5mm and it did the same thing.

    I mean if ordering a different BB would solve the problem then I am happy enough to do that, they're one of the cheaper components anyway. If that is the best route to go then should I get the stronglight BB and assume it's compatible?

    Frustrating part of this is I just moved to Plymouth and this is the only bike I brought so I've been walking for the past week or so, which I'm not used to at all!

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    So I've just built up a new bike, most components are new, a couple of second hand bits, but all of the drive chain is straight out of the box. And it's noisy and gritty as hell!

    I have a Stronglight 48T Comp 144 at the front, a generic 18T sprocket at the back and a Sram P1 chain. All of them are 1/2 by 1/8. The bottom bracket is a brand new Miche Primato Track 107mm and the rear wheel is new (System Ex hub built on to a H Son Plus rim).

    So I checked the chainline and it's a couple of mm out. I assume that's the problem but I wanted to ask why it would be out in the first place. My rear spacing is a touch under 42mm. And at the front it is just over 44mm.

    The crankset recommended using a 107mm BB for a 42mm chainline (planetx.co.uk/i/q/CSSTTR2K/stronglight-­track-2000-crankset) and I am using a Miche 107mm. So is it because I am crossing brands? Or is it common to run into this kind of issue? Finally how should I resolve it? The cranks are fully tightened on to the BB, which is itself fully tightened. Would you recommend using shims at the back, getting a different BB or something else?


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    Edit: moved to new thread as it's not really a mystery noise, more of a chainline question.

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    Sorry, post removed.