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    Dibs Atlanta 96 wheel

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    ha ha - I actually have a saved ebay search for another GT Edge Aero frame, but this fell outside the price bracket (although since it has everything but wheels [the seller even promised to list spinergys!], I will go for it if it doesn't creep up too much)

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    It isn't actually that expensive - I think there is a mention of a minimum shipping charge, but this assumes you are getting tubes - if you are just getting a couple bosses, I think they will just do it for a couple quid or something.

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    I have been through the park and surrounding area a few times to try to scout out a nice loop, but it's a bit tricky. On the one hand there are some lovely little tree-lined roads (Cool Oak Ln) that open up onto nice views of the reservoir, but you can't really do a full loop without going off-road or going on the north circular (as you say), which is not very nice. To be honest, it wouldn't have to be a loop exactly, so I am sure there is a nice route there somewhere, maybe extending out to Fryent Country park or Hendon playing fields nearby?

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    so what is your schedule then? It sounds like:
    Day 1 Morning: remove starter from fridge and refresh, leaving out at room temperature (taking half out for pancakes)
    Day 1 Evening: take half(?) of refreshed starter and mix into dough. Refresh starter and return to fridge, leave mixed dough (in fridge or room temperature?) for first proof overnight.
    Day 2 Morning: knead dough and shape, put aside to rest (in loaf tin or banneton presumably?) for second proof.
    Day 2 (afternoon/evening?): slash and bake (in dutch oven?)

    I am currently struggling to find a good rhythm, and I get an OK loaf, but would like something with a much more open crumb. Here is this weekend's effort, which was 1/3 rye (starter "discard" having been in fridge for a week, plus refreshed starter added 4 hours later, plus some rye flour), 1/3 strong white wheat (including white starter), 1/3 strong wholewheat.

    I usually only have time to bake on the weekend, so I tend to take my starter out of the fridge to refresh on a thursday at 6pm (putting the "discard" into dough 1), then at 11pm (again putting "discard" into dough 1). I leave dough 1 to proof overnight in the fridge, then Friday morning I will start to mix a couple new loaves with the refreshed starters, so I will add rye starter to wholemeal and wheat white flour usually with seeds or something (dough 2) and then a strong white dough that is for pizza dough/ciabatta/focaccia (dough 3). Dough 2 will usually proof until Friday night and then be shaped and go into the banneton to bake Saturday morning. Dough 3 depends what I do with it, but I usually just leave it in the fridge as a high-hydration blob until a few hours before the promise of pizza comes up. By then it doesn't really have time to take shape as I would like, but I can usually get it thin enough that it provides an adequate vehicle for cheesy goodness.

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