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    Evening all

    I’m looking to kit out my Specialized Tricross with a front rack with a deck like the Spesh Pizza Rack has. The Tricross is setup with Cantilever brakes so the rack would need a support that fit under the brake cables and above a front mudguard into the crown mount.

    What’s something like this likely to cost and are there are builders out there who you would recommend?


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    Quick pic of the ‘other’ Tricross... promise some better ones are coming!

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    After searching for a half decent and reasonably priced steel or aluminium beater bike to use for a bit of everything, I couldn’t find one. So, I resorted to another Spesh Tricross (geared version this time).

    I’m proper chuffed with the Singlecross build (pics below), so decided to plough on with this geared version, especially as the Tricross tyre clearance is pretty good.

    I found it on Facebook Marketplace, arranged shipping and it arrived a few days later and I’m proper chuffed with it. It was a bargain too, only £275.

    Building it up with bits n pieces I’ve accumulated over the last few years and months and it should be pretty sweet, so here goes...

    Knocking out the Spesh Mindset headset for a Cane Creek IS Headset (did this in my Singlecross)

    Had an old SRAM Apex 1x GXP crankset lying around so ordered a Praxis Works GXP BSA BB for it. Going to put on a band-on chain guide as the rear derailleur isn’t clutched and just want to limit the chance of chain bouncing off on the rough stuff.

    Never used one before but trying out a WolfTooth Road Link to go with an old 5700 series 105 Rear Derailleur, and pairing that with an eBay Special, 10 speed 11-40 cassette

    Had some old 105 10s shifters going spare, so stuck em on

    Nice wide alu flared bars and alu Genesis stem that came off my Fugio and putting ‘em to good use! Along with the aluminium seatpost too.

    Bog standard Tiagra chain to pop on too.

    I’m going to leave the Cantilever Tektro brakes on
    it and the stock wheels, as they just need a bearing service and the rims need truing. The stock tyres are nice and wide and I’ll leave them on for now too. I’d like to go tubeless in the future but to keep costs down, will do that at a later date.

    The only bits I’m still hunting for are a good set of front and rear racks and I’m open to suggestions. The front, I’d really like to find something like the Spesh Pizza Rack, but one that works with a cantilever setup. Any suggestions?

    The other is a good set of mudguards, I’ve used SKS Bluemels on my Fugio and they’re pretty good for coverage. Should I stick with these?

    Pic of the Singlecross below... love this bike

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    Can anyone recommend a front rack for a cantilever braked Spesh Tricross please? Looking for something similar size to the Spesh Pizza Rack mount.

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    Lovely looking build, what’s the front rack on this?