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    Not quite a year late but finally got round to getting some film processed and scanned.

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    Schwalbe Kojak in 26x1.5 if you can't squeeze 26x2.0 in? They're great on gravel and stand up well to some gentle off road in the dry, the folding ones are also very light and no more fragile than the wired ones. Mud or wet grass is "interesting" though.

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    @youramericanlover I can take no credit for last weekend's route as it was @seager 's doing. This one is pretty popular but is also decent:


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    Could well have been, there was actually a rival hills ride out tonight on a very similar route/schedule too

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    There were hills

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    I've got a similar era G-Shock and the case back is held on with screws around the perimeter, battery is readily available and I've changed it a few times with no mishaps. Happy to take a look if you want me to when you get it back?

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    As Colm says I've been getting into brewing small batches this year, so far however I've only done IPAs. Thinking of doing a stout or porter next now the weather has turned, anyone got any recommendations for a recipe suited to minimal equipment/bottle conditioning?

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    No worries if it's any hassle but any chance of an earlier depart? @Ruserius probably your call as you've got the furthest to ride!

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    I'm in. I think @Sk├╝lly expressed an interest in a south easts TNRC upthread?

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