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    Dogs shit and glitter, that would fuck the wee bastards

    Emailed those folks @Oliver Schick , they responded straight away and were right nice.

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    Think it is a 3mm bolt on the underside, but might be a rivet.

    Pop the wheel off and just tighten them if it’s the 3mm

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    Was about 5.30 so just after dark, a well lit part, though it was their lack of lights that gave me a bit of a warning.

    I think I am going to bail round the park and take the roads until lighter evenings.

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    Just had four wee scroats box me in on the way home, managed to have enough momentum to get through them and get out of the grip.

    They fucked up and had the two biggest guys go round me with the smallest guy at the front to grab me.. fucking amatures

    Was at the East part of Well Common, by the exit on to Church Crescent, watch going through Victoria Park etc.

    I would have been so fucked, had everything in my backpack, time to rethink that!

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    No way, I suppose my waistline thanks you!

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    I used to be next door, didn’t know @platypus was there but knew @batt was.

    Real nice space and the beer downstairs is great!

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    I think the problem is its her word against his regarding where she was on the road. I know she will not have been cycling on the pavement (Why would you up that road) but they need proof. Hopefully the police come through with some CCTV, think that's the only thing going to show anything.

    There is an accident board on the road but there has been no one come forward from that.

    I have never had the experienced of the police being so keen to do something, they have allocated a liaison officer who has call my gf everyday to see how she is doing. Apparently as she fractured bones they can treat it as a more serious offence, definitely rings of the driver having done something previously if they are this keen but good on the Met for actually allocating time to it.

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    cheers all

    I called up and got the shops nearby to save the CCTV and the police have come back and said that they think that there is a case for negligent driving.

    My gf said she wasn't interested in proceeding but the police have said they think it should go to the CPS and will forward it even without her. They took a phone statement and are going to collect all the CCTV tomorrow.

    The police said that the driver thought she had been riding on the pavement, sounds like he wasn't paying attention at all.

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    Thought I would put this up incase anyone saw anything as there doesn't seem to be any witnesses.

    My Girlfriend was cycling home along Hatton Garden after work last night, around 8.45pm and got hit by a car at the corner of St Cross Street.

    From what she remembers an uber prius cut across from right to left (Hatton into St Cross) wiping her out. She went over the bonnet and then ended on the road.

    The driver stopped but blamed her for the accident, saying she was going to fast....?

    Ambulance and police were called and after 5hrs in A&E its a fractured collar bone and finger

    Bit of a nightmare really. Getting the phone call from the ambulance crew was fucking horrible.

    Just checking incase anyone happened to be about at the time and saw anything.