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I make the bikes: http://mercredi.co.uk

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    Hello all,

    The wonderful Isla Rowntree forwarded me the following job opportunities - for which they would love to get more applications from women.
    Islabikes provide full in-house training to all staff. You can even gain a recognized apprenticeship level 2 qualification, they set no age or qualification limits - making it open to all.

    we have some job opportunities at Islabikes and are keen to attract
    more applications from women. Would you be able to help me get word
    out to people who might be interested?

    Current positions are Team Members (bike preparation) and key points
    to note are:

    No experience necessary – full training given - a great “gateway” for
    those who are keen to get into the cycle industry Industry leading
    well-being package includes: 10 weeks paid sabbatical every 5 years in
    addition to annual leave Equal parental leave to encourage both
    parents to spend time with their new child, at above statutory rates
    of pay Loan bike and we pay you extra for every journey to work by
    bike Flexible working options

    Full details are on our website here:


    If you know anyone who might be interested and just wants an informal
    chat they can call my colleague Sarah on 01584 700551 ext 125.

    Hope this is of interest to someone over here!

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    They are for the Mercredi CX team bikes!
    I've mostly just been staring since they got back to the workshop today.
    Will be with me at Bespoked. If you're into the Babar vibe, think you might like the bikes bikes.

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    Thanks a lot. Really pleased with that - it was a hard day in that sand!

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    Thanks Andy + @Lolo (Petra mentioned you were there - trip looked amazing.)!

    As for the bike's finish, it looks great in photos but seeing it in the flesh is something else entirely. It's like it's lit up from inside or something. @hoops killed it.

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    I had a shocker race.
    Had started getting ill on Friday and it just got worse and worse.
    But I was there, so I lined up! Fever and unable to breathe, crashed in a pole on the first half of the first lap, got ridden over by other riders. After that, I just rode on noting. Never had such dull legs. I had no kick, was standing up on the bike pushing as hard as I could and going absolutely nowhere. It was depressing. I settled down a little after 2-3 laps and ticked a couple of riders, but I was so relived to be pulled out one lap to go.

    The season is still long though and I just want to get back to where I was before 3 peaks and Grinduro. Those long races demand something so different out of you.

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    Sold both to @hamrack now - thanks all