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    Short update for this topic:

    Her bike:



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    Hello again,

    Here is a complete (but not final) version of the Colnago:

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    According to Velobase, the super mighty has ISO square taper. I had some troubles to find a cheap ISO bottom bracket with ITA thread (don't try the ISO "compatible") , so I'd recommand to go for a Campagnolo one to avoid any problems. You can still set a JIS BB but you'll get the same than umop3pisdn.

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    Check on ebay. I bought brand new DZR Midnight for 60€.

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    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to this forum and I wanted to share my experience. Excuse my English mistakes, this is not my native langage. I'm currently setting up a bike based on Colnago Mexico frame:

    This is (almost) my first road bike and the first that I set up on my own. I first bought a mbk bike with a full campagnolo Chorus group on it. Now, I'm setting this group on the Colnago frame.
    I must admit that when I started, my knowledge was nearly 0.

    To make it short, here a list of issues that I met:

    • fork too long (had to cut it a bit)
    • stem the old bike was damaged. Base diameter is between 22.3mm and 22.4 whereas it is supposed to be 22.2.
    • the BB is Italian thread whereas the one of the mbk is BSC.
    • the front derailleur was a collar one. The Colnagos is brazed.
    • I set up a stronglight BB on it, but the square taper was JIS, not ISO.
    • I set up a Tifosi BB (supposed to be Campa compatible) but it seems to be still JIS and not ISO.

    That's a pretty good first experience. I'm learning a lot.
    I'm still looking for some parts to complete it and especially a Colnago stem (quite difficult to find within a decent price range).

    For those who wonder:
    In the background, this is my fixed gear. It is based on a Brother cycles frame.
    On the table, there is another frame. It is a Meral frame for ladies which looks exactly like this one:

    This will be the next project for her.

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    I got the DZR Midnight.

    • Looks nice
    • Easy to walk with (I used them at work office)
    • pretty windproof and warm


    • Not waterproof at all. Ride 5 minutes under the rain and you'll get your feet totally wet.
    • The laces are sooooo long.
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    A word of warning to anyone considering the Token TK867 111mm ISO BB as a cheaper alternative to a Campag Centaur 111mm ISO BB with Sugino 75s: Don't buy it, It's not a proper ISO taper and puts the chainline about 4mm out.

    Exactly the same problem with a Tifosi Bottom Bracket. It is supposed to be compatible with Campagnolo (ISO) but its not at all. I believe that Tifosi BB are just Token BB with a different name. Clearly not ISO, take care.

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    Greetings from Toulouse (pronounce "to loose"), France.

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    Nice idea. Does it really help avoiding spam?