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    Yeah, rode past this at a similar time. Feared the worst given scale of police pressence. Fingers crossed for him.

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    tips for uploading photos on lfgss:

    1. use an image reducer - massive files sizes are where this site (and peoples phones) struggle.
    2. upload a couple pics per post.
    3. advanced tekkers - upload pics via a private message to yourself. Open each picture in a new tab, copy the tab webpage address and use the "image" link button above to link to them in your sales thread. This way you can put as many photos as you want into one post, and order them within the text.

    This last one takes a bit of time - but not much. 5 mins at a laptop would have this thread sorted. You'd still have to think of a price though.

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    I have a Cotic Solaris Max frame in size large going spare. It's in great condition bar a couple of sections of paint rub. Pretty comparable to the RC529 with a 140mm fork up front. Can be set up with a 120mm for a more XC feel, or 130m for somewhere in the middle.

    It's in a silver "mercury" paint job that makes it look like stainless. Like this one:

    It's hanging in the shed, but if you're interested let me know and I can get some pics / think about price. Would include a hope/FSA headset and hope seatpost clamp.

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    Also, we're all off to the Oval on Friday 17th June to watch Surrey Vs Middlesex T20 evening game. Looking forward to that more than her I think!

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    Completely agree. We're somewhere in the middle competitive wise. Last year's mixed under 8s were a proper little team, and my daughter loved it. This year they've moved up to hardball, and we're trying to a get a core team together who can all play properly and know what they are doing with the hope of some moderate success - whatever that is.

    I'm excited about the under 12s girls team for her as it should show her some role models on the girls side, and what she should be aiming for.

    Her first hardball game of the season was against Malden Wanderers, who take things pretty seriously. Under 10 mixed and not pairs - out is out. She did well and was happy with 4 runs from her 6 balls and a wicket bowling. Couple of the boys got golden ducks - plenty of tears. I'm yet to see a kid get out first ball and not cry in these games. Pairs is much less stressful for all involved.

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    Aha! See you then!

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    Ah, there is chance you're tonight's opposition... My daughter is playing in the first Ham and Petersham girls U12 hardball match tonight on Ham Common. She's played a few times in the mixed teams, but will be the first time we have a whole girls team at this level.
    As a fellow SW Londoner I'm thinking there is a decent chance we'll be facing off.

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    Kind of related to the discussion above - I'm thinking of getting a couple of rims from bikeinn. Together they come to £177 plus £8 postage.

    If I'm gonna get stung for vat/handling fee id split the order and pay postage twice...but bikeinn seem to think it will be fine...

    Anyone any experience of ordering over the £135 threshold from bikeinn? I'd have thought they'd be covering their webpages in warnings if there were random fees expected.

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    Thanks both : here's the offending new curb. I'm biased, because it claimed the skin off my knee - but it looks like it is trying to hide. Second pic is from in line, first is at an angle to show the curb. It actually then blends out round the bend onto a new speed bump they've built.