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    great price!!
    been riding one of these for the last year, really great frame...

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    what bars are those?

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    wouldn't mind trying toe clip/cage pedals, only ridden with straps prior to now
    just wondering if anyone has a pair of pedals with straps and cages they'd like to sell?
    doesn't have to be anything fancy


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    I can't link as it's a PDF but if you google 'ONS Regional gross disposable household
    income, UK: 1997 to 2016' it's the first result;

    'Of the NUTS1 regions in 2016, London had the highest GDHI per head where, on average, each person
    had £27,151 available to spend or save; the North East had the lowest at £15,595 and this compares with
    a UK average of £19,432.'

    'In terms of GDHI per head in 2016, all the top 10 NUTS3 local areas were in London or the South East
    NUTS1 regions; the bottom 10 were more widespread but were confined to the North West, Yorkshire and
    The Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands and Northern Ireland.'

    I live in Liverpool and I'm from Sheffield which are both in the bottom 10 for disposable income growth so I suppose I probably have a slightly skewed view; I'm writing from experience and opinion, not stating facts.

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    The high street doesn't really serve any purpose for me and it's usually cheaper to shop online anyway. From experience, I think most people my age ish (21) share the same opinion. I do prefer shopping in physical shops for specific things (e.g. records, going to a record shop is an experience... digging, chatting to staff, getting recommendations etc, same when buying music equipment etc). The average high street shop doesn't offer that, and most of the time they won't have what I want anyway.

    My main worry is that if a large number of bigger high street retailers shut the likes of amazon will take their place, lots of people will loose their jobs and companies such as amazon will become much more powerful than they already are. I suppose it could mean more specialist shops opening but I don't feel like such shops can make enough physical, rather than online sales to justify having a physical premises rather than just online.

    I think a lot of it comes down to the level of disposable income people have. I don't notice the same issues in London with shuttered/empty shops all over the high street as I do up north which is probably due to people up north having lesser disposable income. I feel like if you have spare money you can go down high street and buy stuff without really needing it or planning the purchase, which a lot of people can't afford to do.

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    @alialias @mdcc_tester
    cheers for the recommendations, will have a look in to them!

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    Looking to set my fixed up like this - I've only ever used risers, so have no idea about drops / brake levers.
    What would be a good set of levers and drops to start with? Using a quill so would have to have a 25.4 or 26mm diameter