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    @voxelwise Custom parts are out of budget for one piece made, but what about a small series (like 50 pieces) if there is other Brooklyn owner interested..

    If I remember well, Canti stud are hard to braze on V1 because of the distance between seatstays, and their shape/angle


    « looks like the stops are welded on a tiny bit too close together no? just take some spacers out from the inside of the brake pads »

    « You got it, abet not the fault of the welder.

    The seat stay are very narrow on that Gangsta, which put the brake arm a lots closer to the wheels than it should, it happen on my Gangsta when I had the canti mount fitted.

    Solution was using Open Pro and taking off the spacer, which you can see from the photo, bear in mind that this is the V2 Gangsta, where the stay is a little wider apart than the V1. »

    @Nice_Ben review
    « Tyres are running in nicely, you have to run the brakes really close to the rims to get a nice pull on the lever but once tweaked its braking beautifully. Only issue is the rear stays are flexing slightly coz of the pressure from the brake so I'm looking into a brake booster that ill potentially have to modify to strengthen the rear, but saying that I've been bombing around the last few days and I've had no problems »

    As you said, arch support plus Canti stud is a great option, but it’s really disgraceful, I’ce used this tricks for a while on my V2, only got this shitty pics.. (support is there but I had remove the brake at the time)

    I would love to get those BMW brakes but don’t want to afford 800$ for them..

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    @spicknspangled not really unfortunately.

    Could see it here in the background..

    I’ve got an Ita Record Pista bottom in my spare parts box, need to find/buy a Record Pista 170mm crank, and decide if I want low or high C-Record hubs..

    Cockpit and saddle aren’t definitive, any advice welcome..

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    Bernard Preuss craftsmanship on this is one is insane, everything feel so right on it..

    Light, stiff, crazy reactive, paint is so good too..

    Preuss alloy frameset are very uncommon, he’s more famous for his steel production but woah..

    Sometime the reason took the advantage and I feel like « I should probably sell it » then I glance a look a it and think «  well, it could wait a bit.. »

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    @fizzy.bleach tube section looks like a triangle, you could see it in this brochure

    Columbus Altec 2 + « pro series » is quite nice, really high end tubing set..

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    @jv noticed ;)

    @ricky2slicky these are just 20 box generic bar from a Canadian supplier called Babac.
    Nothing crazy but silver, 25,4mm & 60mm

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    @jv @swedeee still owning this baby, it’s my second V1 Large (58) and plan is to weld Canti stud on the rear triangle to go SSCX with it (my other one is strictly break less)

    Would be so nice to find amovible BMW CNC stud seems impossible to get..

    I had only dress it with bin parts at the moment, but this will change..