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    Thanks H, happy to be corrected! You've seen my old Rourke, I doubt they're repros, so Zeus they are I reckon.

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    Oooh that's really interesting reading, thanks. After 35 years in London and the home counties I have moved back to Nottingham (my place of origin), and I've always had a liking for Raleigh. Nearly bought an early 90s steel framed Raleigh MTB a few weeks ago.

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    They look like Shimano track ends to me, just sayin'. I have identical looking track ends on my Rourke that I have known as Shimano for the last 6 or 7 years, but of course I could be completely wrong.

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    I'd so be up for this, but I'm living in Nottingham now where we bought a house.

    Good luck though, SPFG rides were the best!

    I will occasionally be in London at the weekend with one of my bikes, so if you guys get this going again maybe I can do a ride or two with you.

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    Right, and they're slow. You could be riding this 28 year old beauty ...

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    There were some errors about 20 mins in, but Max sorted them and apologised. Oh well

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    My friend Max posted this on FaceBook last night, so I thought I'd pass it on here to you and anyone else that fancies listening to some "weird underground" music next weekend. I'm listed near the end as Phil Noize. Enjoy!

    Noize.co.uk Radio Presents (this Saturday 23rd Jan @ 17:00)

    <<<<<>>>>Saturday 23.January. Our radio show is going on a roll with some very special GUEST'S throughout the day and night.
    We are very pleased to welcome on board:<<<<>>>>
    *Soylent Black- Resident DJ at Fnoob Techno Radio http://www.fnoobtechno.com SoylentBlack plays hard industrial techno with shades of EBM, rhythmic noise and doomcore. Active for over 15 years he has played at Infest, Blanc, Kaos, Slimelight, Sinistry, Gravity, Overdrive and La Nuit de Sade.(https://soundcloud.com/SoylentBlack)
    *Edweirdo - Ambient, Industrial, Rhythmic noise, Crossbreed Industrial HC His Sunday radio shows on wirelessfm.net /9-10 pm/are prodigious!

    • Amalgam - All rhythm - oriented, coming from Sparse Beats, Half-Step and Bass infused territory rolling over to industrial f****ry and Hypnotic Techno.
    • have written reviews, reports and entries for several media (from DIY zines to mainstream daily newspaper) since forever
    • co-found and majorly contributed (to) now defunct music & photography webzine letmo.net since 2004
      -resident Dj for Radio 1 Prague
      Xone3 - His project was developed as a physical Audio-Extension of X.One Project and is an exclusive deep trajectory of a disorderly artistic manifestation.
      His Sunday radio shows are a great way of escapism.
      *FarAway- Esoteric Electronics...
      All of his tracks are taken from original tape-production released back in the 80's and 90's underground tape labels networks of the last century..
      *Phil Noize / Founder and heart of the Noize.co.uk)
      *Max Noize - /Noize.co.uk/



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    I used to refer to my stuff as Industrial Techno, but really it's dark heavy dance music because there's so many influences/genres in there, including some noise.

    Yes, Noize.co.uk