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    Violife do a whole selection of slices that are pretty good cold

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    Love it. Where did you source your mudguards? And what diameter seatpost do you need?

    If I may take the opportunity to share my own bike, fresh out of the workshop.

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    Thanks for the kind comments. Criticism also welcome!

    Cranks are SSC, kindly donated by my brother @Jam

    One lock is an Abus that has a frame mount, it's pretty rattly but I'm probably just going to use it.
    The other lock is a Fahgettaboudit mini, which has no frame mount. Some form of pocket is a good idea. I'm not handy enough with a sewing machine though.

    On the lookout for a skinwall Grifter for the front, if anyone has one lying around.

    I'm also looking to put mudguards on but don't want to have to buy 2 sets. If anyone has a spare 20" front (to cover 2.4" tyre) or 26" rear (to cover 2.2" tyre) I'll gladly relieve you of them.

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    So the beast is finally rideable. Plenty of fiddling to do, but in essence it's done.

    Took it to the shop today and it was marvellous being able to do a full shop and not rely on the car. I can appreciate why somebody would go for a cycletruck, because the steering is pretty heavy. But I'd never fit a cycletruck down my hallway so this is ideal.

    I have a couple of these boxes for underbed storage, and thought covered cargo might be better. It certainly came in handy when the dogs got a bit chilly at the allotment. It's screwed on with 6 M5 bolts. Will keep the crate idea on the backburner.

    Went for the Alfine8 rear wheel. Ended up needing a tensioner because the anti-rotation washers for the Alfine mean the axle has to right back in the dropouts. I do need to take another link out too.

    Sorry-not-sorry for mismatched tyres, they were cheap.

    Need to figure out how to ride with my D-lock. I lashed it on top of the box but it's pretty noisy when the road gets bumpy. Any ideas?

    Will get a better picture outside soon.

    Thanks for reading!

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    In a post-nights haze, I have discovered and enjoyed this charming little video about Svajerlob.

    Svajerløb 2009 - Danish Cargo Bike Championships

    from Mikael Colville-Andersen on Vimeo.

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    Looking for a 20 x 2.30" skinwall Grifter.
    Condition doesn't particularly matter as long as it's useable.
    Will need posting.

    Much appreciated

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    Roadlink on this thread dibsed for you, if you decide to go that route