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    So I have nitto njs handbar with 25.4 clamp area and willing to get some a-head stem for it.
    I can see some kind of problem in terms of clamping area.
    Handlebar has ~35mm clamping zone (I guess more suitable for the quill stems).
    Regular stems have >40mm clamping areas with cutouts inside for the weightsavings.
    So my idea is that the connection area of the stem and handlebar is kinda too small or a bit risky - just few mms on both sides in total

    Has someone experienced riding with such combos or maybe someone can suggest the best modern a-head stem option for njs handlebars?

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    Hi guys.
    After my short email, Ukraine has got unblocked.
    Anyway, I won't be mad or something if you'll block Ukraine once again, since i'm really hating fraud and spam too. There is always a proxy to look for threads at lfgss.

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    ett was something like 55 or so and thats what matters really. 56 ett is a max for me. not into measuring bikes with st.

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    not really new here, but thanks.

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    its crashed giant omnium.

    i've wanted to get convertible road/ss/track bike with 132.5 rear spacing, disc brakes option and some bombproof tubing. but custom builds are not for me for now. i own just one bike for now - fbm sword sq. always looking for some mtb/bmx cruiser for chills, but had no luck for my money.

    talking about cargo, we have heavy traffic and lots of hills here in kiev. don't think that a regular cargo bike will go fine with that.
    looked for a nice backpack for a long time.
    the best option for me with lowest price and best quality was getting usa army molle frame with all shoulder straps and stuff and to add some tatonka straps for boxes or other big stuff. 50kg of load at this photo and it held almost comfy:

    my friend took this idea to make some more friendly design and he did it pretty good!
    some photos from prototypes to the real product:
    some say it looks like ortlieb, but it gets it to the new level i think.
    hoping to get molle frame more cycling friendly shape in the future.

    Piccy.info - Free Image Hosting

    here is also some of his other fine stuff: https://instagram.com/explore/tags/graph­itemade/
    also, thinking to get some armored pvc used banner to make seamless bag for my molle frame.

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    one more from ukraine.
    lots of heavy boxes transported on this bike.
    searching for an ideal work bike ended with just another fg bike, but its lot closer to ideal working bike for me after my crashed undersized giant omnium.

    our tumblr blog: blog.uuacourier.com

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    i have something about 85cm from bb to saddle rails.

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    hatta is nice. it spins pretty much perfect after a year of use under all weather if packed right. And i'm using it like almost 5 years.
    yeah, i suppose all njs bbs are great quality ones. sure, you can get sugino ceramic, but too much extra money as for me.
    i'm 190cm tall or something like that.