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    on the wireless router that would be exclusively for the hue? I'm including a wireless router as part of the setup - the app would connect to that router, it would just no longer be connected to the internet.

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    ok, I'm not totally up on all this stuff, so sorry if this is a stupid question -

    Could you theoretically setup the Hue lights with the bridge / hub with your broadband line in connection at one location, then physically move them to a second location? (once setup)

    Whereas LIFX you couldn't because it's requiring the network to carry the info, rather than a bridge?

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    Hue doesn't require internet access does it? I thought it built its own network just using the Router for distribution? Could you use a separate wireless router altogether? I'm not certain but I'm sure I have used a similar setup in live audio In ear monitoring?

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    Sorry if this is way too specific...

    I'm trying to connect some LIFX bulbs at work. The IT dept. are a little snowed under and their IOT wifi doesn't seem to actually have any internet connection, so I'm having trouble setting them up.

    Is there any way that I can get them to work on the staff wifi, which requires a username and password? it's the username portion that I can't seem to give within the LIFX app.

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    Faithful rat/ beater. Owned from new. Pre all the omnium comparability issues. So should work with that crankset afaik.

    Comes with:
    Blb 25.4, 80mm stem.
    Inline seatpost. (Pro koryak maybe?)

    Fork is an alpina track, but not original to this frame. was bought with a new frameset maybe 2 years back or so. Never crashed, however, is cut at slammed. Shouldn't be a problem - headtube is super tall.

    Really new izumi track chain with it. A few months use, so should be fine for ages.

    Has been primed and rattlecanned purple sparkle (Halfords/Rust-Oleum from what I remember)

    Plenty of chips to paintwork on frame, no major dents though.

    If needed, I have some drops, and a cobbled together wheelset, random calipers etc so could be a strong start for someone's diy build project.

    No postage. Collection se16 (bermondsey/ London bridge) or elsewhere central London!

    These are about £230 new, so hoping for £130.


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    Hopefully second dibs!!!

    Pm coming. Can collect today if urbs isn't 100%

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    what do you lot do for smart shoes?

    I've gone through a few pairs of pleather new look plastic jobbies in a few months, feel uneasy that they are most likely sweatshop, and even if cheap, they are falling apart too quickly. I'm trying to avoid the fast fashion cycle too.

    I can get away with docs, and they are one of the few shoes that don't fall apart on me, but the vegan ones look very shiney - do they break in well? A few amazon review about how they come apart at the sole too?

    Any other suggestions?

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    Hi all, thanks for the suggestions.

    I do like the idea of folding, which is why the opinel appealed, however that chisel blade looks interesting. Originally I had been imagining something not plastic, but actually, given it may frequently get wet maybe that's not a bad idea.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi knife fans.

    I need a dedicated small knife for gardening jobs, propegating, cuttings, removing burrs on plastic pots I'm making/ upcycling.

    Would something like the stainless opinel be good for this?