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    Hey dude did these sell?

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    Okay sick - thanks man! Can meet anytime over the next 3 days so just give me a shout if they come up.

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    Hey man! Would be interested in the Alpina's. Where are you based - could maybe come pick up in the next couple of days?

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    It's not until it happens to you that you realise it's such a problem. Very, very annoying. I had my bike stolen on sunday (18th August 2013), between 12:45 and 20:45 on Rathbone Place towards the Oxford Street end. Here's a description of my bike.

    Heavily Customised Diamond Back Bandito in Gun Metal black/grey

    Starting from the top:
    Brand New Trek Grips - They don't fit fully as the bars have been sawn down
    Bars are matte black, sawn off short at both ends. They also have two very distinctive marks on them, from where I came off. Two bright silver/ raw metal scratches on both sides
    PIG Headset
    Frame is gunmetal black/ grey. Front DB badge has been taken off, has a 661 sticker on the right hand side. On the left hand side is rust from the break cable rubbing. Only branding is a decal on the bottom part of the frame on both sides. One has a large visible scratch across it.
    On the bottom of the frame is my old post code, possibly my house number, HG1 4NR, 25
    Front wheel is a HALO Tornado, Originally all black, but the rim has gone silver from V-Brakes
    Back wheel is stock, same colour with Diamondback written on it
    raceface single speed pedal/ sprocket set
    Brake cable is quite stretched
    Brakes are Shimano V-brakes in silver

    So it's a little light in areas and i have no photos, but it's quite easy to spot. Slightly shiny black frame, 26" wheels, that seem a bit big for the frame. I'm aware this isn't a really expensive bike, but the amount of money and time I've put into it, is insane. I've had it for about 5 years, and I'm only 17, so that really is a chunk of my life.

    @insideoutsider - I'll look into your bike if you'd like. If you can assure me that's 100% the guy that took it, i've visited three amigos quite a few times and can try to inconspicuously see if he's got any bikes for sale... I'm young, so who would suspect anything haha.