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    The Molly Flanders,

    Baffled as to whether to keep this fucker or not....

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    I initially built the Flanders up with all silver Campag parts and a white Concor seat but I couldn't get along with how it looked, so been trying to get some black on it to try and make the pink pop a bit,

    Colnago stands like this,
    Super Pista frameset,
    3T Pista bars and Pista stem, 3t Celo-Nastro shiny tape
    Campy Pista headset
    Campy Pista no flute crankset with Ti axle
    Campy Pista seat post
    San Marco Concor Superleggera seat
    Campy Sheriff Star hubs, front radial laced into Mavic rims, flat spokes, vittoria tyres,

    Trying to get it as Era-correct as poss, so if anyone can point out any errors I've made I'd be really chuffed and happy to correct them,

    Just waiting for the Regina Pista chain to arrived and it's pretty much done,

    It'll live in my hallway and I'll use it to hang my socks and pants on to dry

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    So thats my current fleet of grief,

    Specialized Levo
    On One Pickenflick Ti
    Ciocc Designer 84
    Samson NJS
    Colnago Super Pista

    The Flanders is semi built but I'm not sure whether it's staying or not,

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    Colnago current state,

    Wheels sorted, seat and post sorted,
    Got the pista cranks in the post, not keen on the chain wheel aesthetic so ordered a campy NJS chainring,
    Wrapped the 3T Pista bar in 3T Cello-Nastro NOS tape,

    Samson from here arrived, ordered some Araya/Shimano/Soyo wheels for it,

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    I was just taking the piss out of you taking the piss out of someone,

    You just didn't get it is all, screenshooting someones hifi from facebook and ridiculing it is genuinely fucking embarrassing, and you do seem embarrassed because now you've got sand in your vagina,

    I bet that in the real world you're like Jeremy from The Peep Show,

    Nothing personal, ahaha

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    You sound a bit embarrassed now, which is a start,

    ahahaha I'm not the one screenshotting peoples facebook posts to snigger and feel superior about,

    Proven to who? you sound like one of the fucking snake oil sales people with your technical wanking and waterfall graphs,

    I genuinely don't give a fuck what other people spend their money on, whether its a fancy power supply or sticking office partitions to their ceilings,
    If it makes you feel batter and you're happy with it,
    Good for you.

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    You're still digging,

    You remind me of one of those snotty rich kids at school, the ones that snigger and take the piss out of the poorer kids clothes, then you try to justify it by pretending to be more intelligent than everyone else,

    You know, those kids that everyone hates because they're cunts.

    Thats how you comes across, as a cunt that seeks to belittle others achievements, in order to feel superior.

    So fuck if he wants to spend his money on a fancy power supply, it's his money, good on him.

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    See I would say that looks like a great system,

    But my studio engineer friend reckons that "room treatment" is doing next to nothing, pointless even,

    No bass traps in the corners that would make the most difference, nothing in the ceiling corners either, and two uncovered glass windows for the sound to reflect off, and he said "your speakers are shit" he recommends PMC or at the very least Yamahas, he also pointed out that the installation was messy and amateurish...

    But what the fuck does he know? if it makes you happy that that is all that matters,

    Just like that guy with the oil rig and space rockets living room.

    Taking the piss out of the snake oil hifi scene is fine,
    But singling out someone and being a cunt about them is just being a cunt.