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    SPIN made a tri-spok bmx wheel,

    HED made deep section carbon "20 wheels too,

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    Poor Celeste matching is a bonus.

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    I've never ridden any of them, I tried to ride a fixed gear bike years ago and hated it,theres have an electric mtb that I ride every now and again, would love to visit a velodrome though,

    These things are just aesthetic objects to me, I like the bare simplicity of them, I find them elegant I guess, they'll find other homes eventually, I'm just a custodian for a while, the Colnago will be the last to go,

    thanks again for peoples kind words,

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    And this Nagasawa arrived yesterday,
    It's not finished as I don't like the White seat/grips, so I'm thinking about ordering a Black Kashimax Aero Suede and some Soyo Black grips,
    Build is all NJS as far as my limited knowledge knows, everything has the NJS stamp anyways,
    Some parts were from the white Samson, dunno whether to keep the Samson or not,
    Pedals were NOS boxed, from UK Ebay!! they weren't even listed as NJS but the stamp is there,

    Sparkly paint is very sparkly.

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    This De Rosa Aerodynamica Pista arrived the other day, I'd been watching it on eBay for a month or so, and as mad as it sounds I felt a bit sorry for it, was built up with fair-enough parts but it looked fucking hideous,

    Anyways, as soon as it arrived I put some more track biased parts on it to give it a little dignity back,
    It's become my favourite bike, quite enjoying searching for worn-in parts to match it's knackered paint,
    I could restore it but it always seems a shame, I like a survivor...

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    Thanks for everyones support and condolences.

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    The Molly Flanders,

    Baffled as to whether to keep this fucker or not....

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    I initially built the Flanders up with all silver Campag parts and a white Concor seat but I couldn't get along with how it looked, so been trying to get some black on it to try and make the pink pop a bit,

    Colnago stands like this,
    Super Pista frameset,
    3T Pista bars and Pista stem, 3t Celo-Nastro shiny tape
    Campy Pista headset
    Campy Pista no flute crankset with Ti axle
    Campy Pista seat post
    San Marco Concor Superleggera seat
    Campy Sheriff Star hubs, front radial laced into Mavic rims, flat spokes, vittoria tyres,

    Trying to get it as Era-correct as poss, so if anyone can point out any errors I've made I'd be really chuffed and happy to correct them,

    Just waiting for the Regina Pista chain to arrived and it's pretty much done,

    It'll live in my hallway and I'll use it to hang my socks and pants on to dry

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    So thats my current fleet of grief,

    Specialized Levo
    On One Pickenflick Ti
    Ciocc Designer 84
    Samson NJS
    Colnago Super Pista

    The Flanders is semi built but I'm not sure whether it's staying or not,