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    I have an as new Carradice Longflap in Black.

    Message me if you're interested.

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    Those will have to face the mighty PNE next season.

    Bring it on.

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    By the way, they all came with this Nickel finish; none of them were painted or powder coated.

    Also, that is the original seat post pin.

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    This is the only blurb I've ever been able to find about frame 2.

    They're as rare as hens teeth.

    From what I can gather. The remainder of the UK frames were bought by a Dutch distributor and marketed under another brand name. Common practice at the time.

    The bike in the photo is a Merlin, for a long time, Merlin Cycles used to offer a steel frame that they called a TDB (for Tange Doubled-butted) and their blurb said it was made with 'the latest Tange Spiral-butted tubeset', so although I've never seen another one, I presume the bike in the photo is one of those TDBs. It has a spiral-butted seat tube as well. It looks as though the spiral is an externally-applied butting, which must strengthen the tube, perhaps sufficiently to enable a thinner-gauge tube to be used.

    The TDB used to sell for £135, whereas the Merlin WCS, which was made out of the highest grade of Tange/Ritchey tubing, was £199. As ever, these were very good value frames, always highly-praised. I imagine that the TDB wasn't heat-treated, but would have been at a level just below Prestige. i.e., at or slightly above the quality level of a generic 4130 db frame.

    I don't know of any other manufacturers that used the spiral-butted tubeset, but Tange dominated the market in those days, so if they were making it it must have been fairly widely used.

    All in all, it's a very good frame and a notch above the usual chromo 4130 of that period.

    Don't see how you can go wrong at this money.

    The tubing feels like a 20 pence piece.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have one of the second frame you're selling.

    They were made for a small independent over here. Manufactured by Merlin. It's a Tange MTB rifled tubing frame.

    I've got the frame and fork.

    They only made about 20 and only 6 came with the front forks.

    Mine corroded in the same place as yours. Looks very minor though.

    Nice frame and very comfortable.

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    Hi Ted. You have a pm re the saddle bag.

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    Hi. I've got one.

    Is it Hollowtech or Hollowtech II that you're after.

    It has been polished so there are no decals showing.

    Alas it comes with a brand new and still in the packagingShimano XTR Hollowtech BB so may not be quite what you're after.

    Definitely 170 mm.

    It's the M 760 set.

    We can discuss if you're interested, drop me a pm.

    Cheers Pete.

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    These have never been opened.

    Not local so will have to be posted.