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    Beater rear

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    Shimano Tiagra Omega Front / Gipiemme Pista

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    1. Shimano Tiagra Omega Front £20
    Limited use as a spare wheel, the rim is true and plenty of life left. Includes a continental ultra sport tyre and inner tube.

    2. Gipiemme Pista front £40
    Basically new, fitted breiefly then stored in the attic. A few marks on the rim from storage, rim is true. Includes a very new looking schwable lugano gumwall tyre and inner tube.

    3. Beater no name single speed rear £10
    No name beater rim/hub, bit of a wobble when spinning. Could do with a true. Technically a fixed / free hub but the threads on the fixed side are well and truly rinsed. Free side is fine and includes a freewheel.

    Collection from N4

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    Velocio replied to my DM, turns out I was trying to post in the wrong place. As I said its been a while since I've tried to post here. Feeling like a bit of a spoon now.... Anyway thanks for your help Tijmen!


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    Can't seem to access the classifieds section to post... Not really sure why, I've never had any issues with previous sales i.e I haven't dicked anyone over, not responded to messages or misold items. I wouldn't sell anything I wouldn't buy myself or something thats unsafe. I always sell things at a low prices as I like the sense of community and I'm not here to profit. Finally, I would definitely never post across multiple sites.

    Bit confused ... The only thing I can think is maybe I haven't posted in a general thread in a while, but would this affect this?

    Any help appreciated

    Ps Sent Velocio a DM but thought I'd also post here in case anyone else help

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    My friend had their Pinarello stolen from inside their house on Digby Road, Homerton, yesterday. He brought it over from the Netherlands so pretty devastated. It has a distinctive coloured fade paint job, and white / grey Continental Grand Prixs. Wheels have hub locks on them so the tyres going no where.

    Frame size is 58cm, it has cinelli bars and Shimano Ultegra 600 throughout. If anyone sees it around or has info on thefts in the area please get in touch!

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    Updated original post including images of Concorde, Tomassini fork and original Paul Donohue fork. Price drop on carbon forks.